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Rezoner, could I have your phone number? ;)

If you kick it it goes into the air, it you hit it with your weapon it breaks.

Or fixing the anti-spam. Hopefully that guys gets banned!

Another thing that could slow your game down is if you have a lot of tabs open, such as playing music while playing. I love my death metal while playing wilds.

Yes and he should also add a Rainbow Unicorn mask!!

Just a few other ideas:

* Replace the moving background that has a person killing people.

* Center the main button block (move it up about a quarter inch.

* Center the Ad block, and make it so that it doesn't overlap with the Vote button. Maybe leave the entire left side for ad's no, put the Mute, Full-screen, and Vote, somewhere else.

* Fix the Fullscreen so that it works in battle.

They should at least be a little more aggressive looking.

Or Warg's from Lord of The Rings.