Are bots necessary?

Knight of Rage 7 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 04 03 2021) 7 years ago 6

I don't know about you guys, but the bots disguised as players are just... annoying. It would be much more colorful and exiting if the bots took the form of stronger and more diverse NPCs, like bigger and smarter goblins, yetis, or ogres/trolls. This could also lead into some PVE that everyone is requesting (goblin survival, etc.). 

I'm not going to elaborate because this is a question about player bots, but in my opinion, they're more of a hassle than anything else. If team balancing gets to be too bad, just force autobalance. If anything, a bot on your team is a hindrance (they feed enemies health, stamina, and bones more than they do damage). 

But IF the bots were replaced by cooler NPCs, it would add a whole new flavor and exiting kick to the Wilds game, and it would make PVE easier to implement.

This is pretty much Brutal Ball's idea: https://wilds.userecho.com/topics/1537-get-rid-of-bots/
But I still upvoted

Well i think it can be interesting if player who left from game, transform in to beast or something like this. Imagine when players transform in to zombies, or skeletons XD

werewolf XD

i always wanted to actually play as a wolf. perhaps rez could add some king of transformation item. i was thinking a claw staff. it would make players faster but unable to run backwards or side wards. as well as turning slowly while not moving. transforming could be its special. players ho leave the game could turn into bot wolves.

meanwhile with the bots. i think that they should add 3 different types to make the game more interesting. 

giants would be the equivalent of the largest player possible in melee mode but would be found in all modes. they would have slower reactions but more health. they would be rare bots 1/6

orcs would just be green but would act like normal bots. they would be friendly to goblins and others of there kind. they would spawn in goblins from a range before attacking. they would be more common 2/6

mercenary's would stand around and attack people only if they a them if given the supply which an image of is hovering above there head they would work for the player who payed them until death.

these are my thoughts on the matter.

More variety would be way better. Also, it would help with the bot-joining-arena problem. Orcs wouldn't be able to fight.