Ranks instead of bones

werewolf 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 24
add ranks instead of bones. you have to achieve goals to achieve ranks:

noob / when you first start

beginner / once you have played for half an hour

troop / earn 100 bones

warrior / earn 200 bones and buy this rank for 150 gold

commander / kill 30 players before dying and earn 500 bones. and get hood.

outlaw / once you have your first new weapon and hat. not including hood

Berserker / once you have brought your first weapon and hat over 500 gold each. and earn 2000 bones. two weapons count as a hat as well.

warlord / earn 60 bones before dying and own a tribe. if you are in a tribe pay 700 gold to pass this anyway.

Barbarian / earn 75 bones before dying.

elite / earn 100 bones before dying and own an advanced shield.

King,Queen / stay in the fort for 1 hour without dying and earn 50 bones in the same game before dying. and own cape. think that cape will be added

Legend / own skull mask and kill 200 players before dying.

you gain ability's for your ranks but only minor ones:

warrior and up: you unlock use of the charge attack

commander and up: you can send a message to a specific person on the leader board by clicking on there name

outlaw and up: kick disarms enemy's if they are attacking at the same time

Berserker and up: while charging you take half damage unless you are attacking at the same time (don't take half damage from ice wand)

Warlord and up: bone's regenerate your health the same as health orbs

Barbarian and up: you can hold your charge attack

elite and up: your special moves regenerate 30% faster and deal 20% more DM

King,queen: you have 2 bots which follow you around they attack nearby enemy and reappear after 30 seconds spent in the castle minutes after dying. also if you become king on the leader board you get a crown.

Legend: your shield helmet and weapon become gold. your attacks react instantly you charge 20% faster and your kicks do not slow your down. you also gain the option to join the white team and can ask people to join it temporarily in game.

there are some other things i would like to mention here as well:


the shields you can buy should have 360 block instead of 180.


the viking helmet should make you regenerate armor every minute. while the Greek one should every 30 second's. the skull mask regenerates armor in minutes to.


the wizards hat should up your mana regeneration by 30%. the skull should by 20%


the fox ears should up your charging speed by 15% the skull and cowboy hat could by 10%. (not normal running, only while charging)

cowboy hat:

the cowboy hat should also up your rolling speed and dash re-lode.

i hope you liked these ideas.

also remember this post is made up of parts tell me which ones you like or dislike.
i like feedback to improve on my ideas (:

imagine a legend with the Greek helmet spear and dotted shield. it would be like Ares.

it would look cool. but imagine a legend with a hammer and viking helm called Thor (:

if the snow map ever came out that would look awesome.

It would be cool though.

The shield are a pretty op 


it dose not sound op to me. the shields used to have 180 block but there was an update that changed it to 360. werewolf is saying 360 should only be when you have a shield from the shop.

is it possible to stay 1hour in the fort? XD

I don't think so..

you would not have to restart your time if you were Kicked out of it but i think i will make that 30-40 mins

i think the rank buffs are too op

which ones i would like to know?

most of them are unlocking ability's which are already in game but every on has them. hold charge attack was in an older version. but the king one did seem 2 op. so how about this.


regenerate health the same speed as while beside fire wiule in the fortress

the legend could just get the golden armor.

will it count if i kill 200 bots?

yes if this happened.

cool ranks :)

The achievements needed for the ranks are bad, I think you should be able to earn ranks with bones. There is also the leaderboard

perhaps buying ranks with bones ?

but i think that bones should be a less permanent  thing. not an overall score. i mean your bone score is only recorded until you die. not a total add up of all the bones you have ever collected.

so you have to try to beat your previous bone score. your highest score would deter-men your rank.

and the ability ideas are just ideas that don't need to be added with the other ideas. but i would like it if they were.

There already are sort of ranks, arena ranks, which basically show your fighting skill level.  

those ranks are for the arena tho. these ranks are instead of bones which are mainly measures on how often you play. the idea of this is it actual measures your skill level more.

But even if you play a lot and have a lot of bones, you still might not be a very skilled fighter. 1v1 in arena takes a LOT more skill then killing people in the other maps


you don't get what i'm saying tho. bones are for normal play well arena ranks are for arena. this idea is to replace bones. which are currently mainly for melee and fort.

i think i would be a barbarian. my best was 80 something bones.

also i really like the shield idea.

i would probably be a elite so hahaha i beat you.