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In Surviv which often has over 50 players in queue, it takes about 5 seconds to join.  The thing about Battle Royal is that it's a much better game mode, that's a lot more stimulating and fast passed, than game modes Rez has made so far. often has 6000+ players just on US server alone. If it was developed well, and advertised effectively we could probably get several hundred players to play at the same time. 


The queue size could also be optimized to the time of day, so at peak hours we might get 50 player queues, vs at the lowest we might get only a handful. 

It would probably be really easy to program, almost all of the current code could be used. In fact to start all that would need to be done is make a map where everyone spawns randomly and fights each other with their current weapons. (Only difference from current game is that people wouldn't respawn). Rez could probably do that in less than a day. 


Then the enclosing red zone could be added, that would also be really easy to make.


Then develop pick-up-able weapons and weapon slots. 


In fact for the initial stuff to be developed would probably take around a week. Of course after it is implemented it would need further work to make the game work smoothly, make it better, and add new stuff to spice it up.

Horses if developed could also be added to

I agree, Battle Royal is really more of game mode than the actual substance of the game. 

I think that it would be awesome to have a battle royal version of wilds. There are some other browser Royal games, including 

Battle royal games are also much more addicting because they're fast paces and have a social element. So it would probably bring in more money. 

No. I'm not positive, but I think it might happen when you exit the game while your character is still alive.

I'm having the same problem.