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Raiding forum users with negative votes.

Rezoner1337 7 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 04 03 2021) 7 years ago 40

I have noticed a dramatic drop of Vigilante Gaming score on user echo over one day. This brought a "show voters" button to my attention. I will make it clear - I know you guys have your own meta wars that doesn't have much to do with swinging axe in the game - but this is a community forum - it's intended to help accomodate players and help the game grow - it is ok to argue, it is ok to not like someone's ideas - that's the point of discussing things - but it is not ok to undermine someone's account because of whatever meta reason. Everyone discussing stuff here is putting his private time to make the game better - if you want your work to be respected - respect the others.

I don't have time to go through all Vigilante posts and remove the negative votes added recently. The only way I can do this in reasonable time is to remove the voters accounts - so if you don't go through the history and take back the raid I will make that happen. If I don't see anything going on in 48 hours I am posting your names here. If that doesn't help I will remove your accounts both here and in the game for wasting my development time.
I am pretty sure I will not have to tho, because some of you are well respected players in the community. If you do your thing like a man does I promise that I will keep your names for myself.


This text is too complicated for my translator

It's fine for me, I'm English :D

He's basically saying that all vigilante posts have negative points and if the down voters don't remove the negative points, their accounts will be removed

Under review

What I mean is that four  users have made a pact to go through all vigilante posts in history to downvote them for no reason - at least two of them are well known - long term players.

Please, check my topics - They weren't this downvoted 1-2 months after creating, one day I had 70-80 Avg points and at next day dropped off to 28. Lol?

I received downvote too and lost some points

You had some really really bad comments.

ME!? You..you... TRAITOR!!!

See. This down voting for no reason doesn't pay. Even if the ideas were bad and you down voted legitimately, you still have to take your vote off. :)

theres still my posts

is it possible they are bot accounts?

Well it's certainly not me. I admire the Vigilante tribe.


I agree, any Discord drama should be kept off of userecho. This is just a game, and in the end we're all here to have a good time.


I agree with that. Im not one of these ¨raiders¨ that you say. And i got my comments raided on my first post i legitimately accept the downvotes on my post because of how unbalanced it was. But on my comments, even a THANK YOU comment is downvoted. 

I'm one of raiders (if there was more of there) who raided ifram's first posts. I was so mad (elemental shamanic claws XD) and I decided to downvote every comment and topic you made. I dunno how many of it was but I start deleting votes.


OK I deleted my downvotes of your comments in "elemental shamanic claws" topic. Only those comments were raided by me. About rest of comments.. search the criminals!

ok lol me included 


and vigilante's posts are pretty good too. Who raids good posts? I smell anti-tribe propaganda...

Seriously though, please keep your creepy stalker-style competitiveness off of the forums


Its not only VGL.I made the grab post, and somebody downvoted everything i said because they are jealous or sensitive

wait what if I just disliked an idea and its not a raid?


Uh rezoner this has happened to me 2 people went to dislike all of my posts. meh im at 90 now ;-; 

Wow, you do have a huge amount to posts with negative scores. Either due to poor quality or raided, there were too many for me to look at all of them. lol

Some are old but they were all at 0 votes thats the thing except story mode....

I can tell you it wasn't me — I've already established that with you in private.

Yee we dont deserve all these downvotes for GOOD ideas.

Look, whoever is doing this, even i'm not that low.

I'm still getting raided...


You are paranoid (: I have checked your votes history - there is no pattern of reoccuring persons - also you have only a few negative votes.

I haven't made many posts or comments yet somehow my score is negative. The ones I have made certainly aren't worthy of being down voted, I thought...

I can't upload my screenshot for some reason, but I have a screenshot of it, and I am getting raided on mechar forums


name and shame the purpurtraitors!!

Why would you do this? I'm only asking a question.

It's still not resolved

Awaiting for topic where someone suggest disable upvotes and downvotes in topics marked as Question.

Sigh* More raiders sadly...

I think that this dislike should be removed since getting a difficult quest is annoying and is also intended to improve the overall economy for Rezoner.


One downvote is NOT a raid! Calm down, this happens to everyone!

then why is a good post getting a dislike?

No offence dude... but are you actually serious?


(Eats 5th Twix) My first nom nom topic got raided by nom nom 11 people! We have nom nom to ban them!!! nom nom nom nom...