Wilds Royal

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I know, I know...battle royal game are super cliché, and people have already mentioned this topic several times before, but I was looking and there's only 2 other major Battle Royal .io games: Surviv.io and Zombsroyal.io. They're pretty popular, literally thousands of players playing on different servers at the same time. that's a lot of ad revenue. Yet the games are pretty simplistic and there's not a whole lot of skill  that goes into them, which after a while made me wont to find a better game...but there weren't any that I could find.


There's a reason why these games are so popular, they're fast paced, supper stimulating, and they make lots of money which means more time and money spent developing them...making them even better.


There wouldn't need to be a lot of work done:

Weapons slots would need to be added so that people could pick up weapons. 

Ammo: it would probably be best if the bow and staff used ammo instead of infinite supply. 

An enclosing zone. 


Optional: There could even be aspects from Fortnite and Wanderers.io added where players could construct walls and whatnot. 


I understand that sometimes as a creator you want to be original, but the concept of originality is kind of BS anyway, almost everything in this world that we create is derivative, derived from other things, or built off of something else. 


Is it worth Rez's time, or would it be too cliche? Let me know what you guys think?


Oh, yes. +1


Yeah, if people started out with fists we'd just need sprites for the weapon items that they'd pick up. The hardest part would be making the map, and getting a good number of players to join. We're definitely not getting 100 players in one room like for it or surviv.io. Here's how I'd do it: 

To start, we'd would probably need at least 10 players to enter the queue before the game begins. Then, once the game is in session, players should still be able to join for the duration of a countdown a minute or two long. Once the countdown ends, players can no longer join, and the zone or storm or whatever would start closing in.

No, I don't think a battle Royale game would be cliche. What with the current popularity or that type of game, I think that it's worth it to at least try making one. Sure, it might die, but of all the gamemodes that could be added, I think that it would have one of the best chances of thriving. It would definitely be different and new compared to the other battle Royale games; the combat in wilds is really unique, especially with all the melee weapons and different items.

I agree, Battle Royal is really more of game mode than the actual substance of the game. 

sprites - the ones used in the shop are good enough, and rezoner probably has a 3d model of them somewhere so that wont be hard

instead of a 10 person threshold, which is static and is not good for times with above normal or below normal site traffic, i think a voting system would work better. when a majority clicks "start game" then it starts in 20 seconds.

Ahaahahahah, I thought of something COMPLETELY different when I saw this. Inside joke.

This would be very very hard to program and takes time. A note.

Actually it would not be that hard: It's just to make a map with some constructions,
like walls with traps and half of a house that does not even exist in the normal
way of surviv at the base of the browns, it would take a maximum of 3 weeks.

It would probably be really easy to program, almost all of the current code could be used. In fact to start all that would need to be done is make a map where everyone spawns randomly and fights each other with their current weapons. (Only difference from current game is that people wouldn't respawn). Rez could probably do that in less than a day. 


Then the enclosing red zone could be added, that would also be really easy to make.


Then develop pick-up-able weapons and weapon slots. 


In fact for the initial stuff to be developed would probably take around a week. Of course after it is implemented it would need further work to make the game work smoothly, make it better, and add new stuff to spice it up.


no even rezoner said it will take very little time. its basically a resetting ruins with a winning screen and a shrinking border, and noone has weapons