gostou da ideia?


I stated my opinion in that other horse post that you so kindly bumped: horses would be great, but incredibly difficult to add to the game. There are so many questions that you didn't address in the post:

  • Are the horses invincible? How much health do they have?
  • Can you dismount from the horse?
  • Do horses provide any combat bonus other than speed?
  • What is the horse movement like? It cant be simple 8-directional wasd movement like we have currently, where the horse walks one direction and faces another
  • How much health does the armor add?
  • What is a coice?
  • How would hammer special work on a horse? What about claws special?
  • How much would it cost to buy a horse?
  • The horses need to have some sort of weakness, otherwise they're just a pay-to-win sort of thing. People with more coins would buy horses and slaughter people without horses. How do we prevent that?

Coice (in portuguese) is a kick that the horse gives when something is behind him, is a dangerous blow.


podia adicionar esses cavalos ai kkk

;-; nós ia levar só coice na cara e voar longe

the horse could have almost equal the health of the bear

Horses if developed could also be added to

Cadê a descrição? .-.

ta ai ue eu ñ sabia mexer nisso aqui kk