is rezoner left this game?

berserkerIL 6 years ago updated by savage doge 6 years ago 8

OK some there werent any changes and updades in this game for a long (long long long) time.

i'm afraid that rezoner left this game for his others (i feel like an abandoned child).

please rezoner dont forget Wilds.io and its player and give us some freaking cool new staff and updates.

(if you agree/have an answer for me/have a feeling about this/have idea for freaking cool new staff write it here)

with all my love berserkerIL


He didn’t left it. Sometimes you must spend more time for personal life, and it’s something what is most important. I know, there was long time no bigger updates, but still we can playing in game and enjoy free time.

I am pretty sure, soon game is gonna get some updates. This is wilds at the end. We must be strong as barbarians and survive hard times. Reward is gonna taste much better :3

i understand....

I hope Rezoner come back soon.


I’m not gonna go all Zeis Lion on you here, but Rezoner is like with a baby and his wife or something personal that we shouldn’t get in to.

Short answer, he’ll come back later.


Gotta be patient, and you have understand that we all have "lives".


is rezoner left this game' omg lmao