New Weapons

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Dagger, Wand and Mace


same attack speed and reach as fists + no clash mechanics. damage of sword. throwing weapon shoots a throwing knife and picking up a throwing knife or waiting 10 seconds rearms. special attack re lodes after 6 seconds, attacks like claws but no knock over and smaller arc, boost and damage. player equipped with the dagger moves as fast as an unarmed player.


hold down to charge up a fire ball, release to shoot. fireball looks like larger orange version of ice bolt. if it collides with anything it explodes in a small area dealing 1/4 damage and knocking over. if blocked it still explodes but player who blocked does not suffer the effects. if kicked the fireball is extinguished. special ability re lode's in 20 seconds and telly ports the player somewhere random within sight.


works like a hammer except its special. special ability lunges forwards swinging in an underhand blow knocked the player back and up into the air, dealing extra dame and knocking over when they land. 1/5 damage + 1/8 on the landing. can only be blocked with shield and player is invincible for the duration of the attack.

Well you can tell I don't have a life because I saw this a second after it was posted.

Mace has been vetoed before

Cost for these?


oh yeah, forgot about that XD. Dagger 1000, Wand 3000, mace 2400. i think that's about right. but maybe the dagger could be more expensive, it depends how tough it would be if tested. so yeah, i think that's about right.

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i didn't. i did 2 the day before yesterday. 1 yesterday. and 1 today. they r just getting bumped. and i had a large break from making posts before then... did you vote down because of that? if so that's unfair, i spent hours on that art. hmmf.

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ikr, is it a bad idea or something?