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HELLO PEOPLE!!! Here is ShadoW_Wolf bringing another idea to you!

Heavy Knife

Image 3096An uncommon knife, has immense power that knocks the opponent to the ground.


1. Damage: 3/8 stronger than standard knife;

2. Effect: When it hits the enemy, it is knocked to the ground;
3. Speed: Slower than normal knife: 600;
4. Chance to appear: 25%. While the normal knife has a 50% chance.

Frozen Knife

Image 3093A rare variation of the standard knife, slows the enemy's movement speed.


1. Damage: 2/8 weaker than the standard knife that has 2/8.
2. Effect: Reduces the enemy's speed movement by 50% and the enemy has a slight blue tone for 3 seconds. The effect can be quenched using the orange potion;
3. Chance to appear: 15%. While the normal knife has a 50% chance.

Hot Knife

Image 3094An even rarer variation of the standard knife that burns enemies.


1. Damage: 2/8;

2. Effect: Burns the enemy hit for 4 seconds. The effect can be canceled using heal potion (red potion);
.....2,1. Fire damage: 0.25 every 0.5 seconds;
.....2,2. Total fire damage: 2/8;
3. Total knife damage: 4/8;
4. Chance to appear: 10%. While the normal knife has a 50% chance.

Frozen Grenade

Image 3097A variation of the standard grenade, leaves the enemies slower.


1. Damage: 2/8 weaker than the standard grenade that has 3/8;

2. Explosion Area: 300 (Measured in Microsoft Paint) 50 higher than the range of the bomb;

3. Effect: do not overthrow enemies, just push them away, and slows the speed movement of enemies in the area by 50% for 3 seconds;
4. Chance to appear: 30%. While the normal grenade has a 70% chance.

Frozen Bomb

Image 3100A variation of the standard bomb, transmits pain and cold at the same time.


1. Damage: 2/8 much weaker than the standard bomb which is 6/8;

2. Explosion Area: 500 (measured in Microsoft Paint), double the standard bomb that is 250:

Image 3101

Standard bomb range 250.

Image 3102

Frozen bomb range 500.

3. Effect: Push the enemies away and freeze them for 2 seconds;
4. Time to explode: 2.5 seconds if it is generated in boxes (default bomb takes 2 seconds to explode if generated in boxes) and 2 seconds if placed by a player (default bomb takes 1.5 to explode if placed by a player.
5. Chance to appear: 20%. While the normal bomb has a 80% chance.

Image 3103

The explosion of bomb and grenade will be blue colors.

i like your concepts, but i think you could be more creative...

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Frozen bomb can work

Very interesting

interesting, but still not really worth adding...