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Weapon Rebalancing

fonky(aguy) 2 years ago • updated by sushisling3r 2 years ago 7

TL;DR Some weapons are too weak to be used, creating a bad meta. Rebalancing will give love to bad weapons and fix the meta.

Axe - Weak, make the special cool down 1/3 of the sword's.

- makes the axe a more "utility" weapon, damage piercing through shields, knockdown, detonate/defuse bombs. Will be seen more in ruins this way.

Hammer - Weak, make the special cool down 1/2 of the swords.

-Give the hammer 2 tries to hit it's special, as the sword special is much easier to hit. Also give the hammer better mobility.

Bow - Weak, Remove slowdown while charged

-bow should be maneuverable and fast, sniping from far, not fighting up close. nerfing it's speed is not good for this

I know Rezoner has plans to change charged attacks from something else, but in my honest opinion, charged attacks currently are fine. :P I still want to see what interesting changes there will be though....

These fixes should not take too much time, and will rejuvenate the meta, giving axes and hammers more play, removing the sword/wand centric meta that we currently see.

I hope that these changes can be considered for the next update.


Axe and hammer are fine. But your right about the bow.

Perhaps add cross bow with longer re-lode but more damage and speed.

Then make normal bow relode faster.

IMO axe is not getting much, if any love from Rez. Sledgehammer is quirky like axe, but more versalite and is only weapon to charge meele from above without falling on the dirt, still most bones are from killing many players rather than kings so sword is usually way to go.

axe and hammer aren't fine. They're objectively worse than sword in every way.


Since the hammer special is a "Slam on the Ground", what about if it hit players laid on the ground? it has a low dmg already, I think it would be cool.

Under review

It was falling the opponents to the ground earlier - but players nagged that they can't attack fallen enemies which reduces dps.

Axe is very useful because it can defuse or detonate bombs at every time when its not on cooldown, can knock down an enemy who is not using shield or jumping above attack area. Hammer is great on Soccer mode, because you can easily get to ball and score a goal, on CTF mode you can be harder to catch with enemy flag, and nice to escape or catch your target on ruins and CTF. I think there's no need to buff their special moves, because they are very good now.

its werid cuz i saved up for the sword but i still use the ax for utility axe is better for pro's but really bad for nubs