how the wizard should work

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the general idea

my idea is simple. add scrolls. you can buy scrolls in the shop. there would be all sorts of scrolls. any player can buy a scroll and use it. when the scroll is used it cools down a while and then can be used again. scrolls are expensive as they can be kept for ever. to use a scroll you can click tab and to swap scroll you can click shift. when you use the scroll the spell is cast. all scrolls take a long time to cool down as they can be very effective.

wizard patrons

if you are a patron mighty scrolls can be brought and legendary scrolls become available. you can also buy the wizard hat and staff from the skins section. both wizard items reduce the spell cool down. the staff adds a spell that can always be cast which shoots 3 small magic bolts which are twice the speed of a player and follow them dealing small damage on impact but disables the normal attack and use of shields. the wizards hat enables the use of legendary scrolls but enables use of shields.

legendary scrolls

legendary scrolls can only be brought by patrons and the patron must first achieve something depending on the scroll. for instance reor has enough money to buy a legendary scroll called lightning storm and he is a patron. before he can buy it he must kill 3 people with one melee attack because it says you must do it first when his mouse hovers over the spell. lets say he kills 3 people in one melee attack and buys the spell. however he must first buy a wizards hat to actually cast the spell it the game.

using scrolls

tab uses the scroll and shift swaps scroll. mighty scrolls are just more powerful. okay then what about legendary scrolls? press caps lock to toggle on and off legendary spells. apart from that its pretty much normal epic that the spells are totally epic.

what a spell design should look like

fire ball:

player shoots a large ball of fire across the screen in a strait line. the fire ball moves a little slower than an arrow. it deals a full health ring of damage to who ever it hits and explodes in a radius the same as a bomb but looks more like a fire wave. scroll cool down:

how can you support this idea

first give this a thumbs up. second please add some scroll designs in the comments below. if you do remember to write whether it is a normal mighty or legendary scroll. and test cool downs on a timer (:


please include scroll cool down and scroll cost if typing ideas.


This breaks the game completely :p


chain lightning: mighty scroll

shoots a stream of lightning around 3 times faster than an arrow which is block able. when the lightning hits one thing it turns into 2 slightly smaller ones which deflect towards the closest enemy target deal half damage. the process continues until the chains of lightning have all deflected 5 times. the damage starts at 1.5 rings of damage. the scroll cools down after 1 minute and 35 seconds. it costs 8500 coins.

freezing bolt: normal scroll

shoots a small blue and white bolt with the same speed size and damage as a throwing knife. it also halves its targets speed for 5 seconds. it has a cool down of 50 seconds. it costs 1700 coins

assassinate: legendary

player turns totally invisible apart from the occasional shimmer. players speed is doubled. player is immortal. player kills enemy's in one hit. when the player has killed one enemy he returns to his natural form and re appears somewhere away from enemy's. the spell can only be brought if the player has killed a king 30 times. it has a cool down of 6 minutes. it costs 10000 coins.

ghost walk: mighty scroll

its user turns a bright white color. he can walk threw walls and over traps. he appears to float above the ground slightly. when he walks threw an enemy they become stunned. he cannot attack or take damage. when he right clicks a wind blows enemy's back. when he clicks left he turns invisible for 5 seconds. the spell ends when the player clicks tab. the spell has a re lode of 0 but you cant cast spells while you are in ghost form. it costs 6500 coins.


clone: mighty scroll

the player duplicates. maximum 2 clones. cool down 4 minutes. costs 6500 coins.