mirrage potion nerf idea

kanguror 3 years ago updated by Tohotom Vezer 3 years ago 7

if you have more clones you should be weaker

mage uses stamina faster

archer charges slower


or just limited clones


this potion is annoying


how about stop complaining and start adapting? Clone armies are easy to beat, just use splash damage attacks/items, kick to reflect the arrows, and you'll shred their army in no time.

sure they are easy to beat but look rediculis.

I agree with your point that the clones are not overpowered.
On the other hand, look at the issue from a game design perspective. Originally wilds.io started out as a tactical fighting game, where items provided power-ups. The focus was on combat skill. Right now half of the players are running around with clones, which shifts the focus somewhat to fighting people with clones.
The only argument I can think of in favour of clones is that they are fun. Sure. Let's make mirage potion a very rare item, maybe only spawning in treasure chest or only dropped by yeti. You still have the fun part (in fact, it is more fun if you are the only one to have a clone), but the focus is now back on regular combat, where it is supposed to be.
That was game design perspective. Personally I just don't like them, they are rather uncreative, and don't make the game more enjoyable to me.

Also, don't make ad hominem arguments, that won't help make wilds.io a better game.


and most people cant multitask