Charge attack: Good or bad?

Egzekutor 1 year ago • updated by Rezoner1337 1 year ago 13

Hello, i wanted to talk about charge attack. Many people have a split opinion on this, but I would like everyone to now look at it generally. What did this attack add to the game, and how did it affect the gameplay and also the most important: the fun during the game.

What I write here is my personal opinion and no one has to agree.

In my opinion charge attack too much unbalance the game. Bow and wand is now very uneffective weapons and melee dominate on the battlefield. Charge spam sadly slowly kill the fun in game... Now without melee gain more than 150-200 bones is pretty impossible.

Without this attack players must use brain because you can't kill enemy just with 3 attacks, and the fighting was more exciting and satisfactory.

Also similar situation occurs on pvp and 3vs3. People just keep spamming the charge attack constantly because it's the best tactic to win. PvP is now really empty and rarely gets an opponent. I think this is due to the annoyance of the players, because if player few times in a row is killed after three attacks, the player loses patience.

I say this as one of the first players in this game and really since the attack has been added, you will notice a lot of annoyance among the players. I know some people who stopped playing just because of this one attack. They were just too irritated and tired.

If you read this Rezoner then I suggest you play for an hour ,or a half hour on both servers, EU and US and you will see what I'm talking about. I do not write this because I have such a whim. I just do not want this game to lose its value.

I think experienced players agree with me and not only. But i want see your comments about it. What you think about this attack, current gameplay and fun during the game.

And remember this is my opinion and you can agree with it or not.

Regards, Egzekutor



Charged attack now deals as much damage as normal attack. The only buff is the damage all around and a slight push at the cost of stamina burn and time taken to reload.


I hope this prompts people to use all the mechanisms in the game, great thanks.

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Of course, I agree. Fighting was more strategic before the charged attack was implemented into the game. The 3v3 and 1v1 matches were more fun, and it was more exciting to watch your teammates fight if you died beforehand. It's not fun when inexperienced players manage to kill you because they only use the charged attack against you. It's better if they learn the other attacks and become more experienced players that way. (My opinion) xP

After nerf once i got used to it I mostly used it when players were either too bad to even try blocking, tried to roll/kick me, failed to block or as greedy rangers shooting me in meele range, not really for what names suggests. I will have to play new version to elaborate more about current charge.

When you charge you always risk getting stunned then getting hit and knocked for about similiar value of damage and potentially more from enemies rolling again on you. When you shoot helping your allies or simply strafe you don't really risk anything other than getting hit with dagger when meele guy decides its more worthy to deal 4/16dmg to you than play it safe. Block and kick are simply too punishing and can be used one after another which causes me to use basic attack only when I have dash ready or enemy expects me to stay charging charge attack. When you go pew pew pew with wand you don't risk getting your weapon lost for 15s, when you snipe with bow too. You can keep distance and keep trying to damage enemy with no risk and play it safe using rolls, kicks and shieldbashes when enemy comes too close.

When you charge into group of people and they are newbs then sure you will do lots of damage that bow or wand can't deal. But when someone does block in that group then you can get gangbanged by basic attacks in seconds or killed with one landmine, granted you have 14/16hp when its laid down. Right now charge might be good for farming bones because majorty of players you encounter are bad at the game, 6 months later we for example get much bigger playerbase that is decent in game - maybe then out of sudden wands, bows and whatever Rez might add later will be best for farming bones? We do nerf cycle again then? :]

Add me on steam Egz if you want to see how wilds world without charge would look. :P

Heh i remember first wilds version when player have only 3 hp, so i know how this game looks without swords, charge attacks etc. :3 I can add you if you want, but in last time i not use steam very often :p

Userecho don't have PM and I won't be jumping random Ruins servers to give you link if you want to see how playing meele without charge meele attack works vs Ranged for example. :P

You can send me PM on discord. I am now on phone but tomorrow i can check what you want show me. You found link to general wilds chatroom in wilds.io menu: Exactly bottom right corner.


The problem is that a simple attack has become a bit unprofitable to use, and also hit a player making a kick even from the side deprives you of weapons.


While I like the charge attack, I think it takes away from the old combat system. A handful of people just sit around with their weapon charged, waiting for your shield to go down or for you walk into range when you're attacking / being attacked by someone else.

now players cant do this anymore with the recent update.

i still get killed by wizards. bit rarely archers.

i get pummelled by wizards before i reach them but archers relode is to slow and i can tell when they are going to shoot next. ice staffs are still better than sword but not bow. my thought is to reduce bow cost to 2000 and make arrows move faster and be non kick able.

With good timing you can kick/block everyone projectile from wand or bow. I suggest you start to play with this weapons for good understand how tactics with this weapons works. With this experience i think you should not have more problems with mages and bowmans :)

I feel like the charged attack was never op because it could be countered in many ways. Evidently, many other players disliked the charged attack, as seen in the multitude of forum posts against it. Rezoner made the right choice in nerfing the attack because most players were against it and not many players defended it.

The charged attack has never been an integral part of gameplay for me, either. I used it to initiate and exit combat, and to travel quickly without using stamina. It's role in combat still applies, and the traveling exploit was unnecessary. Therefore I am absolutely fine with the charged attack as it currently stands.


Charged attack now deals as much damage as normal attack. The only buff is the damage all around and a slight push at the cost of stamina burn and time taken to reload.