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Archer is too weak after latest update.

pooperton 7 years ago updated by thebadman 7 years ago 14

I used to do well with the archer but after the latest update I barely stand a chance. The inability to run while having an arrow drawn makes the archer incredibly weak.

  • Archers cannot move as fast as other units. They don't get the little "speed burst" other classes get when they charge an attack.
  • Archers have 1/4 the attack speed of other characters. Using the bow for melee is extremely ineffective, which I understand and support - archers aren't supposed to be close range.
  • Archers don't have an extra-powerful attack like the sword or axe, which takes off over 1/4 health when using a charged attack.

I really enjoy playing the archer but the latest update makes it much less fun to play. I'm not asking for extra attack power or anything, I'd just like for the archer to have the ability to run while drawn.


I agree that the archer got a little nerfed but there isn't really that much of a difference. I'm sure you'll manage, since you did well before the update. It think it was done so melee fighters could more easily get to the ranged guys.

If an enemy gets close to you, run! Use different attacks if they get close to you. They're mainly focusing on reaching you, so they aren't expecting surpise attacks as much. Turn around and roll over them for example. Dash against them. Archers got superior range, use that advantage.
Nonetheless, archers are more like a support class, to be honest. They're not as good killing machines as the swordsmen.


Killing machines :D


Yep, I use those tactics. I use the sword too but it's so overkill it isn't fun. Archer is actually a challenge.

In general you should try to run while charging then turn for a shot, dash and try to hit them off screen. If you see them and still shoot, then make sure you have dash ready for shield bash and some mines to punish them. Charge attack isn't really that much of a way to catch you anymore, especially if you shoot that guy.

If you used fire arrow and enemy did not use his whirlwind(sword) then you can abuse that right now they can't quickroll and do it yourself to gain speed.


They can still run while using whirlwind sword, and are invincible while doing it. And the charge attacks for both sword and axe give a speed boost. Archer has no ability that gives a boost. You'd think a class that is not designed for melee would have some kind of ability in getting out of melee situations. Not that it should get them out of every situation, because it will inevitably happen, but something that should help.

If archer is good enough/lucky at shooting, then meele guy will either have to slow down dodging it, block/kick which still slows him down or take hit to face. When meele guy wants to attack someone not willing to engage them now they have mostly either to charge/whirlwind, which can be easily blocked or roll, which can be countered too. If you have mine and know how to utilize it then you can punish stunned players dearly which is especially useful for rangers. Keep in mind that you don't need to face enemy to succesfully counter, block or roll through him, this can give you the speed you might have lacked.

I agree that whirlwind should not make sword figher invicible(to ranged attacks at least IMO), I even personally asked about it Rezoner on our Polish version of digg.com but he did not answer that sadly. I still think that you should take damage from thrown weapons, daggers, arrows and ice shards while performing this or sledgehammer special attack.


One more thing. The yellow potion is basically useless for archers except for running away. It at least doubles axe/sword speed. Sure, it doubles archer's melee attack speed, but since the melee attack is already halved compared to other weapons, it provides little beneft.

Under review

With the next update I will remove movement slow from charging - I will also replace it with another skill for meele weapons, not that OP and not as frustrating as moving 50% slower.

Keep up the good work, Rezoner! :D


Bow has always been super weak and just unviable when the melee classes have so much maneuverability AND they can block AND kick everything. Bow needs to get drastically better.


Rezoner. Bow costs just as much as ice staff but is far worse.

first the re lode for bow is slow and ice staffs is nearly instant. i know that bow deals more damage but you can block an arrow in one block and you cant with an ice staff. also ice bolts are harder to dodge as there is a ton of them, but bow is easy to dodge and block. also freezing is more powerful than fire arrow.

how i would fix this is to make bow cost 2000 instead of 2400 and make arrows move faster and impossible to kick back. also get rid of slow down once finished loading.


Bow have one weak point: with this weapon you have small crowd controll. When you fight 1vs1 bow is good especially in skilled player hands, but when you must fight with 5-6 players you have very hard job. Melee weapon is better in such situations because you can hurt multiple oponnents at the same time. Bow can hurt more enemies only with special skill. This in my opinion is reason why with bow it's harder collect good amount of bones, especially when you must fight with group of hunters.

Agree 100%

Bow 1v1 in rigth hands are really really dangerous and (most of the time) frustrating for the opponent.

He runs and runs and runs and you only can try to chatch him dodging arrows, specials and knifes. If he/she has a mistake and you take the advantage, ok, if not, pray for yourself and your patience.

So true, few good bowmen were hard to kill even before nerf to charge. Apparently bow requires most skill compared to all other weapons in this game.