Money for structures

Slowgames 8 years ago updated by Rezoner1337 7 years ago 11

Maybe players can slowly make money and make more money when killing someone, then when they have a certain amount they can make something to place down. It could be like a blacksmith thing where they can upgrade their weapon to do 1.5 damage instead of one, maybe a bow, a staff, and stuff like that. There could be a healing thing where you get healed also. I think it would be cool to do SOMETHING to reward players for playing/killing. So yeah!



Well - semi delivered. You can collect money to buy skins and weapons :)

Under review

I dig this idea very much although it would change the game inside out.

What I can tell you is that soon players will be able to collect money and spend them to buy minions / pets - that will slightly modify heroes attributes.


Honestly excited for this! I hope most of the pets/minions will fit with the theme of the game because I have played games with stuff like that and they just look out of place.

what about neutral minions/pets that just follow the character without dealing damage to anyone? It would be cool...


It's planned. They will not only follow but also give a small boost to the player. They will also have different skins

plz make a blacksmith and bows

it can stay in center

maybe they could place down a tower or maybe a minion?

Good idea, I really like it

add ridable pets you can buy like:


giant boar

sand worm

hell hound








minion ideas:

sand mephit: looks like a swirling swarm of sand about half the size of a player with a vague goblin like body form. its special move could be to turn into a mini twister and knock nearby enemies over dealing damage and knocking them back to.

sand dragon: tiny sand colored dragon. blows one enemy away at a time dealing no damage but pushing them away.

sand worm: follows the player occasionally merging and dealing 3 damage to nearby enemies. cannot merge indoors.

cobra snake: follows player occasionally leaping at enemies and poisoning them.

desert wolf: brown in color with a huge spiky mane going right down its back. the wolfs master gains a slight speed boost for running and the wolf does an attack dealing 2 damage and knocking over enemies on command with small cool down.

lion: huge golden beast with mane. gives its owner extra size and and new rage move.

grick: small human sized worm creature with dark Grey skin. large mouth with 4 jaws covered in spiky teeth. the grick molds into the sand after standing still for a while then does a surprise attack to the next enemy close to you dealing3 damage knocking over and back.

skeletons: the skeletons attack any enemy who comes close to you. there are 10 of them over all and they are human sized when killed the rise out of the ground beside you after 30 seconds. each skeleton has normal speed, 3 health, 1 damage and they work together.


Well - semi delivered. You can collect money to buy skins and weapons :)