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add a gaint sand worm to the desert map

werewolf 4 years ago updated by WilderLord 4 years ago 4

this is just 1 of the ideas iv come up with for this already awesome game.

each map has 1 giant sand worm lurking below the surface.giant sand worms are fully resistant to damage while under the ground and your only way to tell ones there is a faint rumbling sound and a slight shift in the ground. the sand worm has 3 layers 1 is so deep it is totally non interactive with the world and there are no sign's of it being on the map the sand worm retreats to layer 1 when it has lost all its health it stays there for 15 minutes then comes back up to level 2 with full health ready to terrorize again. when its at level 2 its almost just a warning that its back on the map. it stays there for 3 minutes before coming up to level 3. when it reaches level 3 it starts leaving a train where ever it goes if you stand on the trail you simply fall over. if you hit the front of the trail you fall over and th worm proceeds to level 4. at level 4 the beast sticks its head up out of the ground and starts by eating the the player who drew it out of the ground. it is possible to avoid this attack but if not you die instantly. it then stays still until it has been reduced to 0 hp. it has 30 over all. the player who deals th most damage to it when killed only looses 1/4 of his points instead of 1/2. this wares off when the worm comes back out of stage 1 next time. in this time the worm does 4 attacks, mostly it does a snap at the players around it dealing 2 damage occasionally swallowing one whole and spiting him across the map 2 screen lengths away dealing 5 damage and stunning on impact for 5 seconds. the worm also has a flattening move where he slams his head on top of a player stunning him/her for 3 seconds and dealing 3 damage. his last attack it very rare but instantly kills the target with a swallow. when it looses its hp it retreats into layer 3 and does this layer once more before advancing to level 5. in level 5 it comes fully out of the ground and slithers around the map it is as long as 2 screens and has 200 hp it goes at twice the speed of a player and is delayed by sink holes and rocks it its path. player in its way are instantly killed and it takes half damage when hit on its lower body. you can climb on top of it and and do battles up there. but it is dangerous as you can slip off the edge and take falling damage. also can fall over when the worm hits a rock in its way. the worm can spin to meaning you have to run to not fall off the edge. when it looses all its health it returns to layer 1 where it restarts th process. who ever deals the most damage to it gets 2 extra health a sand camouflage coat slowly reneging armored and the ability to tunnel at half speed this makes him in attackable. he only keeps these effects until the sand worm returns to layer 4.

hope you enjoyed reading this idea. many thanks werewolf [:

Under review

There will be a sandword (just like in Dune) I can't tell when tho.

great i just played with it then. not exactly how i imagined it but my version would have taken ages to make. my only recommendation is making it larger. the sand worm on the map is about the size of 3 players. the one in dun is huge. i would recommend increasing the size by about 3 times and make the trail behind it last longer.

I understand that 2 worms have been added to the new version. I understand that it must have taken you a while to make the worm but here are some improvements that would make the worm more interactive.

buy thumper: i think it would be cool if you could buy worm summoning devices if you have an account.

i have noticed that the worm occasionally merges. could you make it occasionally merge for a longer period of time.

killable: i know that worms are super strong but it would be so much fun being able to kill them. perhaps if you hit them with a ranged weapon or bomb it would make them merge for say 10 seconds and it would have similar health to the current boss. i someone kills worm they get a special worm pet skin available to buy at the shop.

most of all the worms in the game now are seriously nearly worms. not sand worms. they are tiny compared to the giant beasts in dune. perhaps you should increase there size this much:

I old

I new

last of all make a special item you can get making worms not attack or damage you.

hope you read these ideas you probably spend a long time reading all the ideas/Questions/bugs