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1. You wut mate?! Too low fire rate ? ok maybe if without any clones but get yourself one clone and it's a lot harder to beat.

2. Then stop spamming your bullets and sometimes go melee, like drop the wand and hit opponent with it.

3. That's one down side of dash. I don't think it's so easy from programming side to just disable dash while being frozen. Why? Because it teleports player and if even it was simple then this move would be very abused.

About buffs:

1. Maybe don't lower stamina consumption. As i said just stop wasting it and think about your moves.

2. Slightly

3. It makes sense but just think about other classes. To balance the game everybody would need a skill bar (i think that is the name). Also remember that this is a online game working in webbrowser so you cannot throw many things at it. Well of course it's just a bar but also think about other things.

This moment when the votes are equal and you can choose whatever post is bad or good.

Instead of bue spam, imagine this...

No, it wasn't a bot. It was another player,person

It was happening to me before i have upgraded my computer. Mostly it's game's screen bug. Just resize window.

If it's not that the hit F12 on keybaord and go to console. Take a screenshot and show it here.

The main problems to target are accessibility and how well forum would be organized.

My opinion is not to put forum on discord because of channel organization, i am not crossing out this option.

btw this is how MyBB looks

Also i found anther cool forum :take a look. It's called ProBoard

I really recommend one forum that i am using for my tribe, it's called 'MyBB'. Easy, simple, style can be customized, big extensions database, great moderation tools. Big plus for this forum that setup is dead simple, download, unpack onto server, set owner password and create topics.

That doesn't mean it's the only one. There are lots of these.

I know, archers are annoying with their bow and i hate it, but do you see me spamming forum for that?

Just put yourself down, cool down and think what can be done to nerf bow or how to be good in fighting with it.

;( Where is my tribe on map...

But really, i think there should be a map reset to make some space for new tribes.