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Or maybe a new mode? Something like Build and Fight? This would be very cool. First you are in team and building fortress from trees around map. Then fight starts and team needs to destroy fortress of enemy.

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Little creatures with weapons (what weapon and look ? I am leaving this to you Rez :) ).

The King will send them commands to guide them what to do.

- Mechanics

As i said The King will send them commands to guide them what to do.

Commands will be sended with keys j --> Numpad number. (Numpad becouse two keys [1,2 above w] are taken)

Commands (decided to change them little):

  • Attack - Minions will attack nearest player to The King
  • Defend - Minions will circle around The King, defending him from other playes and goblins.
  • Stop - Minions will stop doing anything what they were doing and will follow around The King.


I know, it will be overpowered to leave it like i wrote. But to balance class between others i decided to:

  • Minions will have their own health, what means they will die after some hits. Every minion will respawn one by one with 10 seconds of delay
  • They will spawn after crossing score of 20 bones, but not all. They will also spawn one by one. frist will spawn at 20 bones, next at 25 , 30 , 35 ... and untill 40.
  • As in point above i stopped at 40 bones. And yes, i think 5 minions will be ok. Not too many and not that small amount.
  • Class should be with big price (sorry for grammar here). Becouse minions can really change game and i don't want to Kings be everywhere as soonest this class would be relesed.

My internet is very stable, i was testing it with turned on and it was ok.

Also strange bug on website i think. only 30 views of my post but 590 followers...

Choose yourself who will be moderator. I think this would be better.

Auch my brain hurts right now...


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