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Want a proof? Go ahead and open web console (F12 -> Console). See first error there? That's CoinHive. You can even tell if it is for sure

Yes, my dad uses this to gain money / BTC. There is tons of this but putting a miner on a website?! Damn, 150 computers mining around 1 BTC A DAY is around 500$  I know it may be worth for Rez but this is kind of illegal to do! It's making money out of air!

I am legit scared right now. It's pretty much like hacking someones computer and using it to

gain money,but in "legal" way. I am not right with this!

I know what Rez is doing... just go to .

It's a CryptoMiner. Using computer power to gain money

Btw i also created topic here :

Edit 3: Rez... Did you really monetize wilds so hard? WHY CRYPTO MINER?! Please don't tell me you did this! I am out of here if this was on purpose... 

For anyone that doesn't know what's CryptoMiner is, it basically uses computer power to gain money.

Edit 2: I KNOW WHAT'S UP! CoinHive is another JavaSrcipt language! It's saved as variable, but for users using avast, avast blocks it! Same may go with AdBlocker!  *after some time* Well added exception in avast and still same. Rez better take care of this to fix game! Game is not getting back coinhive.js "GET net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE"

Without web console (For some reason loading bar didn't showed up):

With web console:

Edit: checked again error appears when main menu is loaded. 'Game ready' sound is playing TWICE.

Well Rez messed up with spelling item names in his code. Such a stupid, common bug for programmers :<.


Fix football, fix quests, add more quest to stop from getting them in row.

I agree, but what can you expect from a web game where everything is just image and based on internet connection.

If was in PC version not Web it would boost perfomance A LOT, but as Rez was writing (couple times), game would need complete reconstruct and it would not be easy as it it right now to implement something new. Why? JavaScript which is used to script on webpages and for webpages ONLY. That means new language is needed to handle game and some kind of updater. Next thing would be access to game. It won't be so easy as typing url in bar,login,play. I think you get the point.

Again, i agree with you, but i think Rez can not do much about this. At least i think.

I would rather lower the price of coins 'to buy'. Price in coins is good, but too high for real money.

ALT: Same prices but for more coins.

I know this is old, but i know why. You Rez imported your own font from google and setting it on body sets text font for all bulletin AND makes text white.

PS: sorry for bumping