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Ok, but you know that's a new, fresh map and bugs are expected. Problem with the spawnroom is not a big deal. Map should be focused at fight becouse game is about this (Beating other players, not walking around and doing nothing).

Rezoner chyba spaiłeś w konsolce pisze "Sytaxerror: missing ; before statement" oraz "Syntaxerror: unreachable code after return statement"

Yeah, but "dudes with fedora" i think they were bots. There were too much of them.

Maybe that's by using servers far away from you.

So if the coloring the suit/ shield can't be done. What is left for guilds system is guild tag somewhere close to your nickname. To avoid trolls i would add color in background of the tag (One constant color). Tag of guild must be limited to like characters 3-4.

Something like this:

You don't need to do guild system, but that's what left from this idea.

It's cool and i think i it can stay, but still glitchy for right now. You can pass wall with it.

I forgot it is on 'old' version of the game

Controls are not that bad. If you will practise for little bit, you will be able to switch fingers between keys easly

Yeah. I know you can make update for the game and hacked website will stop working. But if there is one there can be more "in progress". What i mean is that there will be more.

Also i think this website was 1-2 months ago created becouse before i reported, one day there was too many Zerks in one game. (5 - 7)

Yes you can by using block, but i want new elements. Did you even read examples? -_-