Weird nickname bug

BlackDiamondPL 6 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 04 03 2021) 6 years ago 7

Just happened a couple minutes ago.

I went playing browars. While waiting for game, i got somehow kicked.

Not graphical glitch or none of that. So i refreshed the page and join browars queue once again.

This time appears that some player also have been "kicked" from game resulting in this bug:

Image 2739

In short he saw his nick on me, i saw my nick on him. 

idk why the country is different but the other player must be a bot that remained after BDPL left. i made a similar one(i think) http://wilds.userecho.com/forums/1-general/topics/4069-lool/

You are showing bots on screenshots, I copy a link to same situation as BlackDiamondPL got.

No, it wasn't a bot. It was another player,person

That reminds me of when I joined browars and I was Canadian

That reminds me of when I joined browars and I was french.

Yea, heppened with me and Anthony Agard c: