Kicked out from football

Ukryty(Still alive 04 03 2021) 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 17

I'm reading posts and comments on forum, and I hear crying of my brother. I go to him, he says he can't play wilds.io. I check what happened, he is staying on goalkeeper position in football, he can't move and nothing is happening. Same happened to him in browars, arena and (drums please) practice. So my brother actually can't play ranked gamemodes. Is there any way to fix it...?

PS. It doesn't happen always, but it's pain in the ass if your team is winning and game can stop in every moment. He is scared to play football by now.

Traumatizing asf...Not sure how to solve this....but I sometimes get blank black screens. I have to reload the page and watch my bot fight...

Sorry, I was just telling truth. :V

Does like the screen move when he tries to move? Or can he literally only stare at a blank un-moving screen?

It is like he got disconnected, he can't move and all dots(friendly, enemy and ball) aren't moving, but when I refreshed page, I went to watch (on his account) for bot on same match. And there was a bot of my brother playing the game, so the best thing we could do was becoming bot's cheerleaders.

Hmmmm.... try telling him to grab the window. Or let him use your computer's screen to see what he's doing.

See if you can get me a screenshot pls.

I should make a video, not screenshot since everyone can make a screenshot being alone on goal when game is working, I just say game stopped without any reason on my brother's computer.

Bro no it's fine. -.- It happened to me 4 times -.- I see your problem.

But I don't know how to fix it -.-

More than 7.600.000.000 doesn't know how to fix it but there are two persons who know how - Egzekutor and Rezoner.

And that random super-computer scientist who lives somewhere in this world...

It literally kicked everyone playing out -.-

_         _


Yeah, I'm bad in doing this type emojis, but you should know what I tried to do here XDD

It was happening to me before i have upgraded my computer. Mostly it's game's screen bug. Just resize window.

If it's not that the hit F12 on keybaord and go to console. Take a screenshot and show it here.

I would show it but I just have no time and my brother almost never plays wilds.io, and don't say I have a time to visit forum but I have no time to play the game, because I can visit forum in work (New in work, yay. I'm so unhappy, but it had to happen :V) but I don't know if I don't get fired for playing games when working. You know, cameras. After work I'm playing ANOTHER games and babysitting my sister and brother.