Idea for Central Rezoner Forum

BlackDiamondPL 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 6

Purpose: Multiple Rezoner's games = need for multiple accounts and separete idea/bugs/questions forums.

My idea to solve this problem:

Create one central forum. Sub forums for particular games will be there, same for sub topics for games.

Also pluses coming from idea:

Better management,

No multiple forums to log into / No multiple accounts,

Making forum for new game will be easy, subforum,topics,done!

Did you have any forum which can be used?

I really recommend one forum that i am using for my tribe, it's called 'MyBB'. Easy, simple, style can be customized, big extensions database, great moderation tools. Big plus for this forum that setup is dead simple, download, unpack onto server, set owner password and create topics.

That doesn't mean it's the only one. There are lots of these.

It's an interesting idea. It would be more organized than having multiple forums, and management would be definitely much easier for Rez.

Interesting idea... More details though. Would this forum be like this where there's one large page with all topics, or a section for each game? I briefly looked up MyBB but didn't find anything good about it.

Maybe move the forum to discord? Multiple channels for the different games rezoner is making, more active people, and very easily assigned moderators.

If you can find the right site, this idea would REALLY work.


it might take off, still a wip

The main problems to target are accessibility and how well forum would be organized.

My opinion is not to put forum on discord because of channel organization, i am not crossing out this option.

btw this is how MyBB looks

Also i found anther cool forum :take a look. It's called ProBoard