Names overlapping on map

Disguised 6 years ago updated by A R C A N I N E 6 years ago 8

You can kind of make out the names, but its more of a cluster. 

I know there are other things Rez is working on right now that are probably of much more importance than a map, but it would really be great if there was a zoom button or something, or a way for the map to be rearranged so that the names would not overlap.

Image 2727

I have a challenge for everyone on this forum - If you read names of all tribes on screenshot took by Disguised, you will be awarded with lost time!

;( Where is my tribe on map...

But really, i think there should be a map reset to make some space for new tribes.

Your tribe must have many bones to exist on tribe map, SEALS are that big because we gathered around a million bones, so your tribe should have... Idk, 10k bones?

10k isn't enough. I'm gonna go closer to 100k. I have 16k in my tribe, and it's not on the map.

Both of my tribes are on the map, but I am not the current owner of both, just first owner.. *sigh* <_> 

rip rip rip...

How long has your tribe been around?

Mine's been around 2-3 months. I play too much...

The map needs a bit of a rework. It's hard to read some of the names, and some of the territories' borders are really undefined. Here's a post I made a while back: https://wilds.userecho.com/forums/1-general/topics/3702-tribe-map-is-cool-but-needs-an-upgrade/

there are also links to other tribe map related posts in the comments