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And this is why wilds is dying same with community.

If there could be a option to turn sorting to newest as default :/

Hmmm, limited arrows. Well maybe unlimited arrows and some cooldown after constant shooting, something like arm is tired?

If not then maybe 100 arrows at start and new item, arrows pack which would give 10 arrows. Also i would like to consider nerfing clone archers. Yeah these guys which gather army of clones and shoot everywhere.

+1 for this comment.

On one side i'ts sad that game i played for over a year now can be replaced with new one, but one other side it's good to see Rez move on.

(This 'Handsome cursor' is tricky to make so good job to him for that one)

"Don't mind me i am going to do some kind of censoring" -Rez (Not really) there is going around and chopping ohters with axes or smashing with hammers.

Well spear is bigger than a arrow so it should not have same speed as arrow

I am fine with that, but don't you think it's like using someones computer without telling them about this.

BTC, mining and stuff like that can save this game but it's just dirty 

Main game file with CoinHive code implemented:

Also check index.html , there is script import for CoinHive.js

I know it can give him like 500$ per day, but it's almost like using someone else's computer to gain money for you / Rez.