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true it will only take few seconds depends on how you want to do it too for example if you rotate the text it will only take few seconds whats the point of doing that? just use the emote once and see what happens its just a pointless thing to do srry

well guess what? nobody cares about it anyway its just a waste of time to do (dont get mad iam not going to downvote).

 Life Is Too Short To Argue With Salty Persons that you will never meet in real life.

the funniest part: i got 5 downvotes and  this guy got 8 upvotes! how funny it is LOLOLOL

who knows .. maybe :/

the "Tribe map thingy" was my idea.... damn thieves xDD

teehee! i just want this thing to get fixed its kinda annoying and now you can use spear lunge(not special) attack to fly between hills or walls ,  just add a Z-axis :) ty

Sorry Wrong Link ! The Real One Is Here :

O Yeah the first fixed bug report with no desc

meh its 1/4 not 1.4 m8 ....