Fix the emote menu

Celebrimbor 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 8

Image 2604

Ok the 4 emotes on the left have to be turned upside down cause its annoying and doesnt look good


1 idea per week...

(this is a bug buddy)

bue is the one to rule tham all XD

well guess what? nobody cares about it anyway its just a waste of time to do (dont get mad iam not going to downvote).

i do care, i dont know about others but it bothers me a lot plus im pretty sure it wont take much time to fix (Rezoner is a master of programming)

true it will only take few seconds depends on how you want to do it too for example if you rotate the text it will only take few seconds whats the point of doing that? just use the emote once and see what happens its just a pointless thing to do srry

its about the visuals, yes you can read it if you concentrate yourself a bit, also you can use it to see what does it do, but its frustrating every time I open the emote menu. For example if the sword special would glitch out and look like something unintelligible but still have the same effect would you report it? I bet you would