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This will be a ton of work for Rez, I hope you are up for the challenge if other people want this as much as I do.

Main Concept

This is how it's going to work. Villages have to be created by the leader of a tribe, and only the members of that tribe can work with it. The village is sort of like the home of tribes, with many things. The more the tribe leader builds the village, the more bots it will have with a maximum of 6. As soon as a village starts being built,Also, trolls or ogres or titans or whatever you call them can enter the village if 3 people are active within it or one person and two bots, (as a minimum). They can destroy the village slowly unless people stop them. P.S. People get a notification in game if their village is being destroyed.


Each village will have a bank. The bank can be given as much money as you want, (Enter a number) and you lose money for however much money you give. The tribe leader or members can access the bank and collect a maximum of 200 coins per 5 days. So, as soon as you give the money, you cannot take it back. 

There is also an armory of weapons you can use for 1 hour of playing, and to give a weapon to the armory you must take it from your own stock and to get it back, buy it again. The armory also includes capes and hats and stuff.

The healers. This will be explained a little later, but 20 coins is a quarter of your health bar. It takes 5 seconds to get a quarter of your hp. If you die in the village, you lose a quarter of your bar, which cannot be regained unless you heal at the healers. If you die four times, you cannot do anything in your village until you pay up.


Ah, yes, the fun part.

Every hour, for 10 minutes, a raid option will come up. This gives you the option to enter another village (With at least one person in the village online). Like the trolls, if you are online you get an in-game notification that someone is raiding. Raiding can give you money and weapons. I can't think of any other things you can raid right now... like in the village if you die on a raid, you will lose a quarter of your village health. If you die three times on a raid, or if you accomplish a raid, you cannot raid again in that specific raid.

Visiting is looking at other villages and sizing up your competition. You cannot get anything from visiting, or get healed. People cannot attack you.

That's all I can think of right now, sorry it is so long. I, (of course) am in love with the idea, but realize it will be very hard to program. Sorry, Rez. Maybe you guys can add something to it.

hasnt this been suggested before?

anyway +1

No. And no one wrote it as beautifully as I.


who knows .. maybe :/

i dont feel like comprehending this so Ima just bump it


I like it but a few changes, 

you put in money to the bank, and no one can get it out except you, the money you have id doubled every week, but up to half of it can be stolen in a raid.

you only lose your weapon if you fail to return it 10 minuets after your hour is up (warning is given)

also when your village is raided, if you are playing, you will be transfered to your village where you can defend on foot or mount a big cannon or slingshot, also limited spawns in raids for attackers and defenders. also attackers should get a choice of potions and items to buy with gold and start off with during the raid, better items cost more

No, the point of the bank is so that you can share money, it's not a money spawn. The village is to help others, not yourself.

Sorry if that sounds cliche.

if everyone is helping thereself there is no need to help others.

Amazing ideas bruh, although doubling money in a week is too much, maybe +2% per week? And the raid thing should stay

I liked the idea more, it's almost impossible to rezoner do this. It would take between 1 and 5 months in my opinion, the party of visits and monsters attacking your village are one of the most difficult to implement in the game. Of course the game will get heavier! But I liked the idea. +1

1-5 months is a little too much, right? What, it's JavaScript. Relatively easy.

Very good idea. These village raids can be funny. +1

the "Tribe map thingy" was my idea.... damn thieves xDD

You are laughing cuz they copied your ideas,If i were you,I would not be that happy.

the funniest part: i got 5 downvotes and  this guy got 8 upvotes! how funny it is LOLOLOL

Very funny.

And I wrote it like an essay, so ha.

The concept is indeed awesome, but it has a couple problems

firstly hosting a server would be problematic, since Rezoner aint got enough devices to do that for everyone

the solution would be hosting the server on a personal computer of a members tribe, but that brings up more problems:

1)the computer has to be powerful, if not barely 4 to 5 people would be able to join

2) the host has to keep the server up 24/24 otherwise other people wont be able to join unless the host is online(correct me if im wrong)

second problem(s) are just small details you mentioned and have to be corrected. Firstly, raiding should be a weekly event, like a Raid Sunday

second, monster attacks should also be a event, since trollers or noobs could join the server and watch how ogres destroy everything

The Armory is sort of useless since you give your own weapon there and get nothing in return, nobody will do that

And now id like to share my view on the topic(wanted to make a separate topic 4 this but people will say i stole the idea):

1) The village builds itself up through a randomizing technology(so different tribes would have different villages) In order to grow up the tribe takes gold from members (a "pay tax" button shows up and you can click it do do so, didnt think of the consequences if you refuse to pay, maybe not being allowed to join the village)

The building of the village would work like so:

a window that says:goal and points the buil

2) The village has walls and gates, and defensive buildings, like catapults (maybe 3/8 HP group damage, but slow recharge and the boulder flies slowly too so enemies have a chance of dodging?)

3)different utility/accessory buildings would be lit. A well to put down fires(if it gets implemented), a gold storage so the raiders have something to attack, lots of sheds to store stuff, shops to buy stuff etc

It could be useful for people who do not use a weapon, or have a lot of money.

You should add a blacksmith with a chest that works like the mystery box...Minecraft fans r like '... really...;

having a blacksmith would be cool, although a good purpose for him still has to be found

Yea, that would go along with the accessories. Thanks.

if Rezoner turns down this idea then he could at least make a village map so we can run around, explore and have fun

I guess, that would be cool.

Just imagine all the free heals we can get from the barrels lol (In a village map concept)


LOOT ( please read)

Raiding can give you "Money and Weapons" , The Gold is fine , but how can you raid weapons when it's a fixed feature ?

You might well think of another raid item , If Rezoner comes up with things to make the game-play matter depending on your equipment and loot not more on "Skill" , but that is clearly impossible to do by now cuz Wilds.io is a game of Skill where all weapons are Nerf & Buffed just for the sake of "Weapon Balance" .

Below are things I think would be good for loot/raid items :

Raid Items :

Items / loot that are collected from raiding another Tribe Village . Item rarity depends on the Level of the Village itself .

So I suggest making a "Leveling System For Tribe Villages" which I will cover soon . 

* ) Items / loot are should be of value , otherwise it's pointless to raid a Village from the start :

CHEST - The Chest is well , a Chest . That holds loot , must have a fair amount of health worth Defending , Like , taking 15 hits before breaking . This chest must be well designed to attract Raiders who want to loot stuff

GOLD - And I don't mean just coins , We need gold bags , bags that value 10 gold each . 

Village EXP - grants experience needed for a Tribe Village to Level Up .

Village Cards - Cards that can be consumed in Village Mode , Can be a Card that Creates a Building of the bearer's choosing that helps upgrade / enhance the Tribe Village's Defense or a Village Quest ( <- a hint ) .

Or gives a Village Decor

*insert other innovative ideas*


- Grants Tribe members a reason to participate in this kind of Game Mode . Quests are given to Tribes 2 Times a day .

Quests are a part of the Leveling System where "Exp" comes to play . Completing a Tribe Quest can give a fair amount of experience and also Village Decor , Experience can also be collected from Raids , Experience as drop items look like blue starts with the same size as Bones have . 

Tribe Level Leaderboard 

- This makes sense if you want this to be implemented , Having a Leaderboard creates a goal to reach for the TOP .

But not as an individual but as a TRIBE , this gives solo players a reason to join a Tribe rather than just playing Solo .


I love your idea +1 , think of this comment as an extension to yours , I have no right to approve this for this is only an extension that needs permission from the original Idealist .

- Hooded Black

Oh , This makes it a Seperate Game Mode . All Loot raided will be permanent , If you go by my comment above that is . WEAPONS are not n option for it's unfair to get one from a Raid and not from Gold , It breaks the Damn Gold System itself . :)

Gold loot - Level 1-10

Gold loot , Experience Bags - 11-20

Gold loot , Experience Bags , Village Cards - 21+


Village cards... How about the rarer the Village Card is, the more time it takes to build For example, an extremely rare one will take 2 minutes to build, and a common will take 10 seconds. I love the idea of Village cards.


I like the idea, I guess.

Thanks for the vote.

(Yes, I read all of this)

I hope rezoner can at least see this idea <3

Well, he's sorta gone now, but maybe I can speak to him.

*beer* Wow *clap clap*.........to soon.

But why too soon?

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No. I made by myself. And it's my idea.

Wait, leaderboard?

Hm... MAybe.

Actually, yes, village with most followers.

just imagine how cool would it be to run on the streets, between lots of beautiful houses, maybe even walk on the roofs? way too dope to comprehend


this idea inspired me so much i started drawing a house but now im looking at what ive done till now and see nothing good :(

i wanted to draw something that rezoner would love and implement but i made it on a small pixel sheet and it doesnt fit the game texture

Nice,dude.It seems legit and cozy.+1

Yes, that's why I made the idea c:

Thanks for the pixel art, that could be a legit village house.

Grunt placed beside this house would be taller than house. Make. It. Gibber... Bigger.

You should continue that, it's getting good.

We may use it when Rez is back


Walk on roofs?Idea's good,but this isn't Assassins creed,you know.Though I admit that having parkour would be nice.

i didnt think of it as of parkour, although it sounds nice. I thought that would add a new dimension to walking, since you arent limited by buildings

More like... Well... Breath of the Wild, you could say. It's... Well... Open, but there is a limitation.

Hm... You think we should able to explore inside houses? And decorate them? Or is that too much for the barbaric pose...?

that would be nice although its a bit too much for a browser game

Yea, that's what I'm thinking. This game is also meant for fighting.

Though Assassin's creed would be nice...

I wish that more movements could be added,perhaps like backflip as another way of dodge,wall run or even double jump.

On the village walls, yea, that would be great for raids.

Then again, we aren't ninjas, we're barbarians.





(Except for the women)



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You know, I think Egg should help Rez more. This would not be so hard to implement then.

i want, but it’s not easy because Rez now is working with new game and i don’t have with him much contact. But still i’m Not wasting time and i am close to finish grass for wilds :)


Oh, is Rez working on the new game? Does anyone else have admin here?

Egg, when's the next update for grass?

So, Egg. Can you program Wilds.io? Or only Rez?

This idea seems to fit with the new game Rezoner is making.

Yea, exactly!

Actually never thought of that

Wait, in what ways actually?

Army= housing/campfire.

What do you mean?


I guess so, this isn't really gonna be too formal like an army tho.

Huh... There should be something special weekly.

Like a special type of raid or something Sunday. Right?

Where you don't get warned or something.

dude, rez is not gonna see this until he comes back, just wait until then

What ya mean

I like editing my posts

And if you are insinuating that, then Rezoner is back.

Not exactly "back. He will be fully back (most likely) somewhere before/near Christmas. ;-; still working on his game...

Yes, I guess, but I get triggered when...

Well, by most things .-.

Nope, I got it... Wait, I forgot it. One sec. I think it was something like taming trolls on Sunday?


Villages should be able to have clan wars, I think. Tribes can support one of the other villages, and help destroy their village. Leaders can gather allies that help them rebuild their villages, or help guard them. Yes, tribe wars are a thing, but I think with villages they actually have a purpose.



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