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spear is the easiest weapon to kick true it needs a buff anyway

well thats actually a nice idea iam still confused about all the downvotes... but 20s sounds alot you know? taking dmg should reduce your stamia by a small amount so you wont run like nubs ;)

imagine ... you can farm gold off that thing when how? just wait till the weaker guy has 1 more chance and then bet

theres also another bug about it ... i made that post a long time ago but seems like rezoner does not care about it

or hes just too busy?


new tactic : use lunge and dash for more range! :)

ofc i just wish spear had a better special (even tho its useful in arena for dodging attacks u will be kinda invincible for 1 sec)

+1  shields are really annoying they are invincible

damn it stop asking me why i just want this thing to get fixed

Disable your ReasonBlocker and try again :)