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well we went a bit too far but letting us know was nice  even for a small amount of time (1 hour) removing ads is a cool idea too we (or atleast i) have no problem with the cryptocurrency thingy you can even give us free gold (ingame money) for it , just let us know! 

best regards -High Voltage

Rezoner is back and i want him to see this

Heres Another Way For It, i still cant believe that rezoner did a such nasty thing to us without asking...

Use Adblocker


Adblock is indeed a great extension for blocking ads. However, you can also manually add the crypto miners in question to your list of blocked domains using Adblocker.

In Chrome, install the Ad Blocker extension and then go to Customize > Block an ad by its URL. Then add the following URL in the text box

Most of the people are using Coinhive for bitcoin mining, this will block mining from most of the websites. Depending on your web browser, you can find relevant settings to block particular domains.

firstly you are the only one that  should not enter arena or browars , stop acting like idiots those poor mages are easy to kill there are tons of different ways to kill them and about archers its even easier just kick their damn arrows no need to complain and qq about it.

lets change special move to "Disarming , dealing low dmg and knocking players down"