Idea for new winter map creatures

Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 18

Good day,all of ya.Recently i was helping Issa on some winter map ideas which were originaly all of them put together in here:http://wilds.userecho.com/topics/3903-a-set-of-ideas-for-a-new-map/

So I was thinking of having some winter creatures suitable fo map,like seals(duh).There are only 3 types of them made thus far since my schedule is overflown.

Here are they:


Image 2598

(sry for bad pixel art,not as good as next ones)

Most common seal type in map,harmless and unkillable,fast speed and ability to randomly bump player.

2.Leopard seal.

Image 2599

Behaves in a way that will attack player unless provoked(attacked)or approached on short  range.

Has a bite as normal attack,dealing 0.5 damage,and special is fin slap with stunning effect of 3 seconds.Speed of a goblin.Not as common as small seals.

3.Elephant seal.

Image 2600

It gets agroed on mid-long range immediately.Speed and damage equal to ogres,so its his rush and when catching a player,player gets jammed in his mouth and then thrown like a raggdoll dealing 0.5 damage aswell.His special is body slam dealing 0.5 damage knocking players down.Rarer than leopard or regular seal.

So this is basically it.Not much,but hoping some of you may like it,and tohse who don t like it,again,just explain it.Hope this was somewhat helpfull and intersting to some of you.


Good job for the second and mostly for the third.

i upvoted, but

dont you mean "behaves in a way that will not attack the player"?

What he means is that , The seals won't attack players unless players attack them .

It's a simple action-reaction feature .

i love it!!!!!

One Question


Why are they all Seals ?

I know that it has some connection to your name but why are they all seals XD

*no offense , just an innocent question*


I made them cuz:

1.I simply can.

2.They are more than enough suitable for winter maps.

3.Their appearing in the game would spice up the whole gameplay there,in my opinion.

4. "Seal killed Seal" sentence would be fucking funny.

5. They are sign of our tribe.

6. Seal can do only seals, his horse isn't enough to show it on forum.

7. Where are those polar bears.


Seal with it dude

Cool idea, but why 3 seals?

also a seal being as fast as a goblin isnt too realistic. Seals crawl while on land


seals seals seals....GOD DAMN SEALS

you should go find a quiet place to rest. Seal you later


and iff you kill 200 seals you'll get a fur coat


Not all seals have puffed fur,mostly babies do.

-_-  seems kind of self promoting to your tribe lol.  I think it is a pretty cool idea though

its self promoting by coincidence, its just that Seals loves seals

;-; Seriously...just seals...? I thought there would be more "monster" type creatures...but oh well.


Polar bears, Yetis (of course), polar foxes? Penguins? No? Ok.. (whisp) issa, kick seal from winter map team, he is gonna desperately promote our tribe in this map.