We Have A Problem With Height Here!

High Voltage 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 22

Please Take a Look At This First : https://wilds.userecho.com/users/3740-dead-wolf/topics/ .

Ok , So This Problem Is Similar To The Above Link Have a Look At My Screenshots :

Image 2399

As You Can See All Throw-able items Except Bombs Will Break When They Touch There This Makes a Sense With Fort Glitch (Jumping From The Wall).

Image 2400

Looking Forward For Your Comments 'n' Ideas ! 

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Whoa,dude.Similar situation as Deadwolf's,though I didn't see it for myself,at least didn't experience that.

Stop Typing Like This


Man you just keep writing like this.No offense,you'l just look weird and it takes ya more time rather than writing like normal people.

It's More polite this way

Ok,I wanna write like that,I won't blame ya.

It's true that this is same level of "mountains" height, so weapons break if they will fly above place what is placed lower - looks like system thinks if weapons go through cliff they automatically go to lower level so you can't hit someone at here where you point. And Please Don't Type Like This Because This Hurts My Eyes.


Rezoner said the game has no Z-axis, which means theres no physical height in the game

maybe he should add it or he can fix his coding somehow like this:

IF player_on_platform AND projectile_shot THEN do fly _above_same_level_heights

this idea means he should add different height zones like ground(0), mountain (1), pallisades(2), worm pit(-1)

this is not a glitch

the mountain count as a walls that let pass projectile from a way

so its normal that it block all projectiles

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Why you bumped it?Why?

damn it stop asking me why i just want this thing to get fixed

No god.Stop.I'm gonna shoot myself.Btw it's supposed to be MIKASA,not MIKA,jeez with mispelling.

Anime fan spotted (not as if it wasnt obvious before)

teehee! i just want this thing to get fixed its kinda annoying and now you can use spear lunge(not special) attack to fly between hills or walls ,  just add a Z-axis :) ty

Sorry Wrong Link ! The Real One Is Here : https://wilds.userecho.com/topics/3431-more-fort-bugs/