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More Fort Bugs

Dead Wolf 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 32

Do u think rez solved all fort bugs? answer is nopeee


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Beautiful observation

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Lol Rez is like "Wat"

Also, that pillar of rock near the marketplace, you can get into the fort using claw's ability and dashing.


so does that mean "i'm gonna fix it" or "damn it, no matter what i do theirs just more darn bugs".

or maybe it means "i don't really care, enjoy your bugs" or does it mean "i thought only i knew about that cheat, darn it the word must have spread"?


Lobito is master of ALL BUGS hail!

Shopkeeper is useless by now.

some pro mexi


i know one more place where you can enter in to the fort :p

Where is Savage doge?He needs to do his line again!

that bump tho

That's the music for my ears.

i know too 

its like the bottom left corner of the fort u can jump in there 

just bassically corner expoloits

Pretty sure Rezoner is just absolutely overwhelmed by the bugs... we keep finding them to feed to Rezoner.  XD


Well I am not a lizard, I'd prefer if u fed me with something else :v


You can't eat money. I tried to eat money, and went to hospital. I still doesn't know why doctors got my food...money from my tum...


there is like 10 more should i report them too? D:


Wow.*clap*clap*.Good move,gg,11/10,nice bump,just WHY DID YOU BUMP THIS?Just explain.

you forgot one more glitch :D   not telling.....

You boi forgot likee 3/4 glitches to get in fort, 

-corner #1

-corner #2

-top right corner 

3? Or maybe i forgot somethin. neh just leave it by 3 . 😝

yeah i know, but i posted this a 3 months ago

And still isn't fixed.Tsk tsk.