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uh , well that wont be really op if its going to cost stamia you need your stamia for more important works such as running and for ice mages thats even harder they need to save their stamia to fight.

no problem you are not being rude :) but the only problem is :its rly easy to know whos the real one

the worst part is : I can play while iam logged out but when i try to play as a registered user my screen turns black and i dont upload or download anything

yeah i saw my bots and also clones doing some weird stuffs too

uh no need for description just try to kick them from behind n see what happens 

yeah i had the same problem and now my screen is all black take a look at this please :

kk guys no need to fight  , its just an idea that wont happen  dont worry

well ye but we cant play in the same map everytime and do the same thing everyday

Ever Tried To Kick Something From Behind , no? then try and see what happens :)