make spear do normal damage

kanguror 7 years ago updated by savage doge 7 years ago 10

its the only tging the spear needs ;_;

He's right.It's too easy to kill spear players.They're just in disadvantage which is not fair.

I don't agree, actual damage makes you have to use sometimes lunge or to throw spear, with jumping in to fort, for me 1.4 damage per hit is enough.

meh its 1/4 not 1.4 m8 .... 

What does 1/4 mean, it's clearly not 1/4 of the total health points..?

No, it's 1.4 damage - when I hit enemies with 1.5 hp, they have 0.1 hp.

and clash mechanic doesnt work for lunge ;/

Well it's still somewhat boring to fight them.

spear is the easiest weapon to kick true it needs a buff anyway