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Don't  be so  dramatic. I think one of the big problems is that new people do not get a change to enjoy the game. 
Because if more experienced players keep killing them for there bones they won't  enjoy  the game so next  time you  see a balin or a frodo keep him alive!!!!

maybe make it  so that  you can not  exchange wood  for hp potions :).

talked with someone with the same problem today in arena  he also used twitter to login.

this would be  so op,  bec you can  exchange  that wood  for  health  potions lol.

that does not make it bannable lol

had the same problem what was weird and fixes it for me is googling wilds io without dot and clicking on it :).

the problem is browars tho you have no control over that your team mate can handle how they play against 2 pros.

I mean look at the arena score board how fucked it is i think atleast from the 4 people that are skull i know that 3 are always using matchmaking account with a friend thats on an alt account and also top 10. even iff you compare the old top 3 with the top 3 now it is retarded. I mean i just beaten feyla 2 times in a row in a 1 v 1, 1 time even by 3-0
I couldn't even have dreamed that with mistodel or rezak.

to be honest bow and wand should have never be introduced in my opinion they reward you for running while a competitive hack and slash game should be the other way.

idk iff it would work but it could make wilds,io one of the most popular ,io games, because battle royale is so hot now.