the reason the ranking system in wilds is gone to shit

John Constantine 6 years ago updated by A R C A N I N E 6 years ago 9

I made a forum post about this some time ago but it still has not been fixed so here i wanted to expose some people that can only win with alt accounts

thorin the lvl 1 guy is feyla

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Yeah, I feel you there. 

My main is two stars, but I find myself fighting two arrows sometimes. I mean, not complaining about the easier points here, but it doesn't quite seem fair for them. 

And then sometimes I find myself fighting the rank just below skull that comes after sword (I dunno what it's called). Maybe I'm just whiny, but it doesn't seem particularly fair to me to get my ass kicked to the curb by these high-ranking veterans. 

Even if you are a low rank, you have to prove to be better than a high ranking player, this is the arena goal.

 But I agree with this topic because there are players who can not get out of a certain ranking, because they have a low quality internet, or can not combine strategies perfectly, and when those low ranking people are their teammates, the other team is others players of a high rank this is unfair. 

The rank choices should be solved, but if you wanted a fairer game, it would result in more waiting until the game finds 2 ways to make teams with the same ranking.

And about the guest accounts shown in the pictures, do not cry for it, you have to give your best this is the goal of browars and arena, even if your opponent is Alice or Rezak or a runner, you have to overcome these obstacles and learn with your errors and holes in their strategies to be a good player.


the problem is browars tho you have no control over that your team mate can handle how they play against 2 pros.

I mean look at the arena score board how fucked it is i think atleast from the 4 people that are skull i know that 3 are always using matchmaking account with a friend thats on an alt account and also top 10. even iff you compare the old top 3 with the top 3 now it is retarded. I mean i just beaten feyla 2 times in a row in a 1 v 1, 1 time even by 3-0
I couldn't even have dreamed that with mistodel or rezak.

Just use waiting strat to beat them, the chance to win is 100%.


Bro...That's balanced, b/c Wrath is total trash. No offense, but I'm that rank, and I've worked for it, rather then been carried (I do the carrying).

ill just leave this here

I have like 3 of these on my discord server.