Ban Request: Anthony Agard

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So I was playing browars and who runs along but anthony agard. so I was with him in a battle at his favorite stage, the one with rocks in the middle. So after we had 2 minutes left, the score 2-2 (I think), I finally lagged out after doing nothing for 6 minutes. Naturally, I was annoyed, so I took a screenshot:

Image 3168

then I had a better idea. I pulled out OBS, and took a video. Then, after uploading it to my youtube channel...

Youtube video

Great name. So yeah. This guy must've been there for 20 minutes, and I have other stuff to do, so this was a huge waste of time.

This is not the first time this has happened; admittedly it is only the second time I have lagged out, and I would collect more pictures/videos etc., but I haven't the time, and this'll do.

Just...he's a waste of time that we don't need.


I think diego's teammate lagged out to.


Also I understand many of these have been made but mine's the best :D


Lol Seal's brother or blood related guy.His autism is just as dangerous.

i have made my mark on this forum, and that makes me happy


Hella one and effective too.

He just uses the map in his favor ._. it's a strategy

I fully agree.

His 'strategy' is sh*t, he needs some skills, other then running and spamming special and throw weapon.

that does not make it bannable lol

it's just running, not a strategy

Is yes, every move is a strategy, you all have to learn to use the map in your favor, this is what Anthony Agard does, and not only use brute force, but the map, want to complain about something unfair? complain about players who are giving rank of grace to others players.


i know how to use parts of the map to help me but i don't want to spend 60 min for per match -,-

and if running around a rock is a strategy then we probably should all be doing this because it totally won't be annoying, pointless, boring, dumb and complete waste of time


Few people do this, because if they do, everyone complains about it, it will be hated, and they will tell the rezoner to ban it from the game, something that happened here. running is a strategy, but if you do not want to do it, do not do it, nobody is forced to do it.

Just because running around a rock is a strategy, it does not mean that all players do it, there are people who do not like to be hated, people like anthony, I do not think he cares.

Each person has their strategies, and they use them when they need them.

=>it is not  a strategy, it's being a coward

i can understand running on low hp but he has more than 60%

the only counter to this is to wait until that person attacks or do the same

it was the same with block so they made roll counter it

The fairer solution is to redo the map, and decrease the time of battle because 10 minutes is too much.

i didn't say how to solve it, i just said it's not a strategy but that's a good idea


Do not blame Anthony, many players do this on this map, it's the map that needs changes.

A new map to replace this one, only has one stone in the middle, it will be easier to attack people who run.

I agree that the map is a bit unfair and spend a lot of time, but it is not the anthony that is the problem, but the map, I was already battling on the Asia/Australia server and they did the same thing, run.

Is enough or do need to make a cage for Anthony not to run?


how about the big one with the strip of void? and the one with void around the edge? he runs there too. it can take HOURS to complete just ONE match. He jumps to the other side of the void in the latter, and the former he juts runs, spams special, throws weapon, (bad aim) and repeats. He needs to quit or be forcefully removed. If other people copy his 'strategy', if they get become to runny, forcefully removing is still an option. You'll have to redo half the maps, or, and HERE'S an IDEA: As the time in negative decreases, a red zone closes in, making the arena smaller and smaller. If you go into it, you take a roll's worth (1hp, I think) of damage every second. Maybe not in negative maybe at like 3 mins or so, but it decreases runner's range and hopefully discourages running.


But lowering the map over time will be bad for archers and wizards because they need to keep a distance to fire their projectiles, maybe this will work, but weapons at distances will be less used. The best thing is to decrease the map by only 20% or a value close to it.

In that map that has chasms in the corners, the map you quoted in your comment (I'll send a picture), have to remove the points where the players can stand, which is on the edges, just as you said in the comment above, that the Anthony stands on a certain place in the Abyss and near the wall, OR add a poison at this point, OR (better idea) just as you said above, add the decrease of the map that contains a red zone but with a certain percentage of decrease.

Here a picture

the red circles indicate where Anthony is.
Decreasing the map would end this problem. 

or add more pits around


He can jump to the sides as well, nothing stops him. He did it in a battle a few days ago. That'll need to be fixed as well.

yes, but the map decrease will take care of this problem

Put worms in the spikes around the edge

Maybe, but it will stop people from being jerkfaces

i have another video

but can't figure out how to upload it

Press reply and click on this:

Then this:

Then select it

Tried that...wouldn't work. Let me try again. It can't save it 


Anthony got banned by Egzekutor for 3 weeks or something like that after running reports.

4 days more and he will be unbanned ;p


ban him foreverrrrrrrrr