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Recently the forum stopped living, almost nobody plays wilds ...
The question is: Does this game still have life?
The game does not receive a big update almost half a year, the forum is dead,
almost nobody posts something new, only posts without descriptions, the ideas
that used to come at least 50 daily now are 0 daily, In the game most of those
who are in servers are bots, in the field of soccer, arena, browars etc ... we
only have fake's of players to rise rank, the current Wilds WebGL is already
more than 1 month without update removing bugs ...
Even with the update coming, it may be that the game is not the same as it was
Also, the discord groups (I'm almost sure) should be dead too, just a few
chatting ...
When will the new updates come?
When will wilds be upgraded at least every 3 months ??
When will bugs / fakes be solved?
In my opinion, the game died.

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...Rez is busy on other games, but he's not going to drop this game. The game and this forum are not dead....yet. While it may seem that the forum activity here dropped a crapton, there seems to be just a handful of us left (The fact that we are just messing around in the forum now lmao). The discord groups are kinda...lonely now.

The .io game age is slowly dying, as many people move on to other new, cool games. The game and this forum may look like it's in ruins (No pun intended ;v), however there is still a teeny tiny future for Wilds.io. Well, many of us left due to boredom, new games, impatience, bans, and of course, life. And of course, many of us are pretty tired of waiting...

We should also take consideration on Rez's life, time, and "schedule".

It's all up to Rez on this...


,,almost nobody plays wilds"

maybe on asia server lmao

Actually, quite a lot of players play on the AS server, including me, diehard AS players, pros, and other beginners...

They will only stay in the AS server due to lag lol

wilds webgl is just experimental so i don't see the point of removing bugs from it, it wont like replace the current wilds

It will soon tho. Rez is going to move Wilds.io there since it's an advanced engine. It will have bug fixes in the future tho.

i mean i don't think it will replace the current wilds.io page, i think that wilds will just be updated


At least we still have some who care at least about the posts. But these are the great minority, I always hated drama, but now it's official, or rezoner acts quickly, or I want you to invite me to the wale


the world will end before the update arrives


Fools. That was my doing, PIZZA0's. I had told some people that I would destroy the game, and it worked; since I have said that, a few months later, the game has died. It was my fault, I planned how to do it, and I succeeded, as always. Pathetic. You thought you could beat Prince Vegeta? Sad kid, I won again.

Lol this thing is back.

The amount of cringe in this one comment lmao. Too edgy for me.


flip sorry I didnt wanna be edgy fudge



It's because we all love the way you correlated your 6 month old campaign to "destroy wilds" (which fell apart after a few weeks) and the fact that the game is now "dead"(which it's not).




I'm sorry to burst all of your bubbles, but the game isn't dead. There are still many, many players each day. Yes, it's slowed down some since Rez stopped adding major updates. Just because there are a couple less players doesn't mean the game has "ended". And Rez is still working on it a little, from time to time. If you looked at the changelog, you'd notice that he has added the option to remove accounts and reworked the AS server. Just because there are a couple less players doesn't mean it's dead. This forum isn't dead either(there's plenty of activity), and we still have several discord servers that are full of life.

You guys know that making posts like this doesn't really help anything, right? Nothing is achieved when you go around running yelling "The game is dying! The end is near! We are allll going to dieeeeeee!" 

We could spend our time whining because it seems like there are less players around, or we could be making constructive, helpful posts about the game. Which option will it be, guys?

I think you have right.

Literally almost everyone thinks the game is completely "dead"....

We are also running out of ideas to post...just look at our recent posts; they are terrible compared to posts months ago.

Because everyone see that Rezoner visits the forum page once a two months.

he is dead in updates


Don't  be so  dramatic. I think one of the big problems is that new people do not get a change to enjoy the game. 
Because if more experienced players keep killing them for there bones they won't  enjoy  the game so next  time you  see a balin or a frodo keep him alive!!!!

There are still A LOT of people playing on the EU servers (usually above the 50's), and AS servers can get quite a few players at certain times. Now my problem is the US servers. I've been playing for a good 3 days and every time there's been a maximum amount of 11 people in the server. But that doesn't mean the game is "dead" or "dying". Yes, updates have been on halt. Yes, some people are playing less. Yes, we are all waiting for some major update. But just because the game hasn't been updated, it doesn't mean it is not fun. New players are coming in and trying to learn, so we should give them a chance to do that, just like Constantine said. Updates aren't the problem, it's trying to get the word out about this game.

For those who comment that there are still players on such a server, I will not respond to
any of you because, I made this post just because the forum is extremely dead, and updates
too, New players and fewer players, Time has limit on games did you know?