Lumberjack Backpack

OnderaZ 6 years ago updated by John Constantine 6 years ago 9

Sometimes it is somewhat annoying that wood logs take the place of items. For this, I thought that the lumberjacks could use a backpack to store such, so that they did not interfere with the use of the items.

Image 3201

The total number of woods that can be put in the backpack would be 20, similar to the wanderers, and that item would replace the cape.

Image 3202

To drop the woods, you must press Z

Image 3204

Its price could be 1,200, not too expensive

Image 3203

Without restrictions, this item can also be used with other weapons without being the axe, if you want ...


In my opinion, the idea itself is great, plus 20 spaces I think half op, if I'm not mistaken the
gate of the fort requires less than 15 woods to have the HP Total, great backpack design. +1

is not 100% op because of the bugs around the gate

does it say 20 wood? i think the max capacity should be 8

20 is a lot of wood. 8 is definitely more reasonable.

this would be  so op,  bec you can  exchange  that wood  for  health  potions lol.

hm... truth..

maybe make it  so that  you can not  exchange wood  for hp potions :).