BAN unsummon for cyberbullying, and using alts

PLS PEACE 7 years ago updated by Shiru,Kurai ite 6 years ago 27

I have proof that unsummon is not just a troll using alts to get higher up in the rankings just to brag about it, but also a cyber bully (he tried to do it to me). These comments I took myself without changing them in any way except for taking the pictures on a snipping tool. 

And also the other ban request from armuzi where he stated that unsummon had used an alt to get lower ranked players to fight him in arena. 

If anyone, including you, unsummon, disagrees with me, please let me know in the comments. 


,-, Well...this problem with severe cyber-bullying in the game can barely be stopped.

In the AS server, I am constantly being "sexualized", along with some other "disrespect" lmao .-.

Did you know you can go to jail for wisthling seductively?

arch I think everyone knows that and for me it kind of a joke cus I whistle all the time, by my wistle is load, not seductive

Wisthling..or whistling... ¬_¬

that is y I say just ban


I wouldn't come to this forum to stop cyber-bullying . . '=' just saying

Still, being rasied that way in the schooling here is kinda how they say to do it. and I swear if this guy is GREEN HORNET... he has done it before. 

He's never like this to me :/, but that looks bad :l Also, his alt limit should be lowered, he's got like 10 of them



*no, thats not shadow horde's propaganda*

Who are you and what is your ign?

can you show us whole conversation

I don't have the WHOLe conversation but it included me saying noob once or twice. then him trying to 'defend' himself some how since I did not do the first jab. 

Ok, lets get a few things strait.  1. You started cursing at me first when i roped bombed you once.  After that whenever i played you would attack me in chat.  2.  You cut out all of the parts in the conversation where you insulted me. 3. you bumped this post with an alt, rect7911 and pls peace are the same person(registered  and right after bumped this post).  4. I never bother you in chat in game you are always the one to attack me.  5.You are known to trash talk about WAYYY more players ig then i do. 6.i cant even use many alts anymore due to a restart on my chrome program. 7. SOOOO many players use alts.  That is all I have to say.

You spelled "straight" wrong.

Also, I... never mind.

youre unsummon?

Yes unsummon is Sheepie

I abstain from voting, as well...

Jumping to conclusions isn't a good thing :/

1. Since u r unsummon, I tried to show nice to u then u kill me cus of the past,

2. I am trying to work on the cursing thing, 

3. u still don't accept my peace

4. one of the reasons I changed my name was to TRY and be nicer to people that I knew by name,

6. u just confessed to using alts,

and 5. I don't even know how to do alts.

1.  There is no rule in the game that says "no one is allowed to kill rect"

2. no one cares about cursing

3. i still dont want to team with you not everyone who is better then you has to be your ally

4. your not being nicer to anyone you still treat everyone like they are your bitch and im sick of it

5. sure you dont have alts, PLS PEACE and rect7911 are totally diffrent people on the form

6. hell ya i use alts ig its allowed

Alright, im just getting sick of how you act like you are better then everyone even though you are complete trash at pvp.  You are constantly being a hypocrite and often valture me and then brag about it.  I have a reason to be mad at you

Again, the internet is a harsh place. There is almost nothing you can do about salty people because someone is bound to get salty once in a while.


There really is no point in making these in-game ban requests. They're rarely ever considered, downvotes are poured  on them like rain drops, and even if it does work they can make an alternate account and continue to do what they were banned for. I'm not on either side here.


I don't agree to ban someone for "cyberbullying" but look how this PLS PEACE is a hypocrite... I was playing right now and the guy was the entire game calling me asshole, noob, hore, whore, bitch, etc and running from the fight instead of playing. He has another nick called rect7911, I know he is PLS PEACE due to the exactly same behavior.

So, PLS PEACE, if you start a fight, be a man to finish the fight alone instead of crying in this forum, this post was just to show that you are just a little girl...


Dang, the hypocrisy...

But wait...if unsummon insulted PLS PEACE (rect7911)...then PLS PEACE can insult back...(or the other way around...) due to the logic of hypocritical acts...

But if a shitton of people can insult and cyberbully at us, then we have the right to do the same out of logic...

Where has logic and hypocrisy gone in this community?...Basically everything we do is in a hypocritical way.

Even if you use the Tu quoque logical fallacy, this scenario won't make sense at all...

Did I even make sense explaining the logic of this?


someone help me with swearing pls

I admit I suck at it

Try it again.Practice makes perfect