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Migrate account?

Kitty Slayer 6 years ago updated by Sheepie 6 years ago 6

I login to wilds.io from patreon, the problem is that sometimes the captcha is a nuisance, want to access game without having to enter patreon, this can be? how can transfer my account? i do not like the idea of losing all the weapons that I have get.

hi ;D


...I have no idea. This idea can only be solved by Rezoner himself.

Under review

I need two things:

1) Make a new account and name it something stupid like hiowqehbje23122
2) Tell me the name of your stupid name account and your Patreon account

patreon name is Kitty Slayer

new name acc is Sheese

thank :)

and id number 297107

So if it is possible to transfer items or not?


Your account from Sheese has been linked with Kitty Slayer

da fuq dat number