new items "Net, slow potion and dog"

Brai 7 years ago updated by drrrt964 7 years ago 13


- Can grab 1 to 3 anemies

- stop them for 3 secs, then disapear

- range can be close and as far like the granades

- can´t grab team mates

Slow potion:

-slow down 1 enemy

- trow like knife

- ill effects can be stoped by shield

- 5 seconds slow movements like charged attacks "those days" or even more

Dog or wolf:

- like with the black potion you can create a companion but it fallow you like the chicks

- half you life

- attacks like the green guys

- and make as much damage as the green guys

- random player attacks

- 2 of them tops!


I better like idea with net than slow potion. Also only one from this items could be added because both works very similar. But what about countering? Also net range looks kinda too far. This should have medium throwing range.

With more balance this item can works good.

About ally: Rezoner have in plans make companions but we must wait for it longer.

1lower range its ok, i dont think it needs any counter besides dash, unlike the grap, this does not make any damage in my mind,

2 idk how the item sistem works so i did not think that could be a problem by putting 2 items of the same tipe one acts like a invisible wall (or box) and the other one works like the charge attack.

3 i will wait xD but i want a black wolf that attacks like the green guys xD that can be pretty funny.

+1 I like the net the best.


the slot like this

I think f was the best key for the new slot

dont we trow the weapon with the f? why do you want that? i can be better the X

And what button will be for throwing weapon, Einstein?

There are too many items...i would like more but the inventory is just...too small

did you intent to say "those items are good but to many items will be too much"?


No i just say inventory is too small and F is already taken so¯\_(ツ)_/¯


oops sorry fixing now i nevermind the f is for trowing the weapon sorry sorry i fix this now....

yes i know the inventory is too small for other slot but here are

this take me a lot of time xD
Well here it is

Created with Aseprite

i think we need two slots more for inventory :/