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Ok I'm here to talk to you guys about GRABBING.

I think it would be really cool if there was a "grab" attack in wilds, much like the grab in Super Smash Bros. Upon grabbing, you could punch(or knee) a few times before the enemy breaks free, or you can throw the enemy after grabbing. Or you can punch(or knee) and throw. This should do little damage, and the counter could be block. You can grab at close range, animation could probably be the person pulling in the enemy with their weapon at their necks. If this is too OP, grab option could be limited to when you throw away your weapon.

THE ROPE (xtra note)

I think the rope distance should be nerfed a little, and the "pull n steal bones" is popular and ridiculous. So the rope shouldn't pull teammates.

In conclusion, the grab would be interesting to add, and increase of the choice of style of fighting would be cool.


Hymm this could be good charge attack when you are disarmed. I better like idea with possibility of throw a enemy.

Also maybe when you succesfully grab enemy you can run with him for 2-3 sec and when you not throw him, he break the grab. The dmg after throw a enemy should be small. 1 dmg should be fair.


But you cannot throw the enemy too far, or else people will just grab and throw them onto spikes


very good idea egz


It could be just a simple stun, very nice!


and not sure about the dragging, there might be "grab n draggers" who drag and throw them to the spikes, killing them. it would be the close range rope!


I agree with this, but only after you throw your weapon

this would be a good add for the combat in wilds

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dont u like this idea? admit it

i just really want this to be implemented

well yeah now i like it


bump. my idea is superior than most.

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this is a good idea, when you are disarmed then you can grab someone with the special! like ryu from SF or even better like ken

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This should be implemented with parry, then all mechanics would be perfect

yes, perfect without me in game.

The only problem I see is that this would add yet another command to an already farely confusing game, playing-wise. (Especially to new players)

Definitely this should be used when you don't have your weapon anymore.

Sure. I see a lot of ideas based around mechanics or ideas being commented on saying they should only be available when you throw away your weapon. Is that so throwing your weapon isn't a complete waste?

not a complete waste. cuz throwing ur weapon makes you slightly faster, it would be easier to grab and stuff

Rezoner wants to fix up the game first now, and addd ideas later, so your idea will probably be put on hold.

this idea is what, a month old?

Have to give bump the ideas have like and rezoner does nothing

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it's because they're not relevant, original, or good; you keep bumping your own post; and you aren't respecting the one idea per week rule.

i am doing 1 idea per week. if im not, thats the only thing im sorry about

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It's not completed its answered lel

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your right, right now it says answered, but it used to say completed. well technically its completed becase after i posted that topic rez updated the game.


I don't see the role of the GRAB.

u must be blind. Well its a another move mechanic. 

this should be in the next update

how about adding cape to the shop which gives yo an extra move. it could boots forwards and grab its target throwing them back behind them and knocking over. deals tiny damage tho. good for escaping while cornered. since some players wouldn't like having a cape add other equipment that they could buy:

pack: increases carrying capacity x2

running shoes: increases charging speed and lowers how much stamina it uses.

armor: gives player slowly regenerating armor levels. 1/6 per 20 seconds.

Because of bumps

other people bumped too, and i bet this idea is better than the downvoting scum's idea