Polar yeti? white beard? snow? inpossible!

Brai 7 years ago updated 6 years ago 24

Well guys,

If any idea is worth mention its the chrismas ideas, this is one.

Color swap for yetis and if you use the santa hat in december! white beard! just cause!

Santa magic in a game about killing people!

 Also a snowfall effect during those times would be really cool!

 Later down the line we  will be making more posts with more ideas like this! for now, just this example:

Image 2820

nice picture brai :D


about the snow is it just an overlay or an object in game
if it an object then it could be laggy
but cool idea +1

see what i did there ;)

its allways laggy, but cool joke


    So you are essentially suggesting more content with one being Gandalf?

    more like santa clouse... but gandalf sounds good too


    I'ma spurt out Gandalf quotes in the middle of the game

    ;-; All you need to sum up all of these ideas....Aesthetics.

    Great. Idea. Do. It. Rezoner. Please.

    I really like the way the white ogre looks. Honestly I'd like to see it happen.

    I like this idea. It gives it a nice feel.

    Polar bear can be added to winter map and snow too. Im working on a frozen ground but it will has a delay because im very busy in these days -  im working on a simple game for the programming course exam. I have some pictures to show you but i will publish it in few months.

    What about the frozen pond Brai?

    what about the wut now? i just want simple stuff for december, if that would be cool and people would apreciate it, even if there is a

     Scythe Weapon in the other game

    Isn't the scythe just for harvesting? ;l

    But yea that game's getting full attention and thought into it, while wilds is still waiting, slowly, for any updates/news.


    ,-, A better understanding of a scythe in battle...

    .-. Also scythes for harvest were "inverted" to become war scythes, like a bardiche, a polearm.

    Nice idea i like polar bears. +1.

    looks like a no, then the game didnt come out before christmas but ok

    if rezoner gave up working on this beautiful theme to create wanderers.io, for me it did not matter that he postponed at least a little the creation of his new game.

    Bvmp because this forum is empty and needs some more chaos

    Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania chaos symbol




    You can shut the fuck up now.

    OMG, this is just an internet site, why you are all so excited?

    Nerd problems :P

    Tecnically we have white beards on webgl soo i will call this "half done" then try yo use chrismas hat and angel wings and you will see it