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If I find a mage 1v1, literally I wreck him.... KA-BOM.

On the other hand, when you are 1 vs "2" or "3" or "59083498576" and you have to avoid all oponents PLUS a fire burst ... that is a pain in the ass.

30 minutes ago I was fighting versus 2 mages and I crushed them from time to time.

Yep, I also mentioned in that topic that it was only an idea which could be modified. First of all I think the most important thing is "putting into groups" people who want to play together (guilds). Using logo, single name, flag, lights, lasers... is a Rezoner's decision. I agree the simpliest way is adding a simple name tag, obviously, nobody is going to refuse that.

Btw, how do you "manage" your guild right now? and also, how do you know there are more guilds?

In addition, I have colleagues, veteran friends and we respect each other even fighting ourselves. However, when we are in the same "team", we don't go together to clean the map, that would be really boring.

To be honest, I was thinking about achieving goals together (Conquer - defend for example), not only creating a gang to get together and abuse the rest of players.

I already mentioned this when I talked about the possibility to implement a Castle (or something similar, reasonable and playable). This will be soooooooooo interesting in order to achieve a real competitiveness.

Emotions :D
If you only restore "bue and Vrngh" would be enough for 90% of players.

Nice idea, cooperative mode and playing together in order to achieve goals will increase players and their fidelity because "relationships" improve the game experience.

However, I would focus all effort only in the actual situation of the server, it is almost playable.

What do you think Rezoner?

Oh come on.... you have no idea about the real quality of an avatar... clearly mine is much better.