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Nice update, yep.

I have a question about guilds.... right now the fact of having a guild is only like a "bones farming race". The only aim here is having as many trolls as you can to get bones and grow the score.

So, what about if you get more points if you kill some boss (you will need to get a party) or conquer some castle and keep it or something similar?

In addition, apparently this mode will be the same like the "kills leaderboard". If you are a new user, it is almost impossible being in the top10 unless you spend 14h per day. You will feel playing is not worth it because to progress you will need to collect around 15-30k. I don't know.... It is strange.

You know why I left the guild.... HOWEVER I could be your queen :D

I didn't know it! Vykrad and Egze as """""""""enemies"""""""""?
Aham.... So... in that case it will be a really great pleasure come back to play :D

It would be nice, mainly when you have 10 archers+mages in front of you. Right now you can only kick+block and run or simply pray because you have a delay between block and block.

Yes, I just knew about it., thanks :D

Thanks, finally.
I've never used Discord, I didn't know it about that, sorry. That is the reason why I didn't undertand you ingame last week. I knew about the button in the login view but I've never paid attention to it hahaha

I used to play through private Teamspeak, internal forums, webs and obviously "Control panel (tools)" from the own game.

Nice, It would be wonderful if finally Rez set up "Guilds". However I still thinking about to be careful with creating a gang to get together and abuse the rest of players... maybe it is not the best for the game.

I use most of the time the sword as well. The only problem I see to this "bone system" is the "stealings" you have to put up with.

Sometimes you can kill more than 10 (for example) but only collect 5 bones, there are maaaaaaany people which only collect or wait nearly to steal bones and don't fight.

I wouldnt change the staff. (I normally use sword).

I don't see many kills using that combo.... do you really think the staff is really OP? Come on, 1v1 is not so difficult. You 3 are veterans, I can't beleive you cannot defeat them.

I reccommend you all read this opened topic:

Wonderful, I'm glad for you, but that is not what I asked you at all. Sorry if I didn't explain myself properly.

I asked you about how you control, supervise, talk, communicate, know the people is/is not connected, etc.
Perhaps do you have a forum/skype/teamspeak/web? I doubt it. Nowadays, there is no "guild member panel" where you can "manage" that, not even talk in private with your "group", how you do it?