Castle? (ruins)

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As you can see in a normal day in the paceful Wilds lands, the 90% of the people is coming to blows in the centre , others in the upper part trying to catch up the treasures and finally there is an amount of users who prefers to go to the lower part to play "Houses" like a lovely neighbors.

Let's discuss and add ideas:

  • The concept would be having some Castle/s that firstly you have to conquer/raid with your Tribe and then defend it from invaders.

Why? That buildings could have your clan logo in the entrance and treasures with coins. People wants fame and riches, right? :D

Obviously we could start only with the "grey" "brown" logo but it would be nice in the future playing with your friends.

It would be nice seeing archers/mages taking positions and shooting while melees take care of them and/or atack.

Another option is a new map, but maybe it would be too much, I think the ruins map is so huge to put it in there.

Let's discus!!


This time, I actually agree!

+1 received from Seraph!

Yes, yes and yes, is a great idea as and not as Original, a fucking idea, olé olé olé xdd

has usado traductor? es que mi ingles es muy malo y siempre lo uso xD

es una idea tope guapa

queria decir y como no de: original (osea tu nombre, no se si abra confunsion xD)


No no usé traductor, excepto por un par de expresiones que no recordaba, me defiendo aunque tengo bastantes errores de despiste.

However, I don't know how to survive in front of an arrow storm, you are not going to be able to block more than the first hit, then, you are died. It would be amazing a "Tank class" or "Support Class"

It would be really good the tank or supp class

La verdad es que yo suelo usarlo para todo incluso lo que he escrito arriba xD

What do you think Rezoner?

this would be good except this would take a lot of work for a new sprite sheet. setting up stuff and things I dont even know unless he had help. Remember this is made by one person