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Ok, sword was increased its speed as well. Are you going to complain for it or just about the claws?

Using claws you have to be closer, you do less damage (bit quicklier) are you going to over react only because the special (remember, special) now is no-stunnable?

Sorry, but I think the problem with archers + zoom out + clones are MUCH MUCH MUCH important than this.

Don't worry, I really love you honey.... I never didnt want to be rude :_(

Nothing dude.... obviously kidding,

I just think there are more important bugs/improvements than three tiny pixels which will not change the course of the game and probably 95% of the people would never have realised. I think forum is for debating and sharing opinions, there is a "Private mode" for this kind of "bugs". None will disagree with this post, so, I would report it to Rez by private and it wont hide the rest of the posts.

Dont you think? :-/

Claws is like another one. Sword attack is faster right now... isn't that OP?

Claws' Special attack should be invencible.....

It is not logic at all that an special can be stunned.... If you do the special against a group and any of them are blocking, you are dead.



The 3 arrows you see below will make a circle while the archer shoots new burst and all of them (arrows from 1º and 2º burst) go to the cursor.

Here an example btween archer and mage.

Also, I saw that the special attack of claws can be stunned, that doesnt happens with sword for example.

I would removet the stun as in the rest of weapons and increase the move speed of players with claws (I need to be closer than if I would have an sword or axe)